Is there a worse healing game?

Why is healing so clunky and painful. You cannot run while healing and running away is the only way to survive. Its so easy to heal the wrong target. World of Warcraft healing is soooo fun compared to this. For fun, are there any games in existence with worse healing quality of life?


Nope this is the worse. You cannot even target who you’d like to heal with lights embrace.

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Examples: You cannot target easily, you have to switch between group mode on/off in the setting menu on the fly, self healing with ctrl key requires many clicks, no viable options other than life staff, you cannot heal while moving, no damage, very limited hots, incoming nerfs, etc…

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Sadly said: the abilities with “targeting” friendly units feels like hm… argh… a preliminary implementation which was kept because… it “works” without major bugs. I suppose this is mostly because of an ancient band-aid fix when they included these targeting abilities.

And, did anyone understand the description in the settings? I don’t really…
I just accepted that most indicators (like in/out of range) are all just random and that it’s probably not possible to have one ability starting with targeting and another not as targeting.

Easiest way would be playing without the targeting healing abilities, but then much (sometimes needed) potential is just wasted…

And for last: I assume that the Sacred Ground is “so strong” because of the unhandy mechanics for the direct healings.

Edit: IMHO no healing while moving, that is kind of ok. Nearly everything brings you to a stop when using anything. And the direct heals have a “cast time”, requiring you to stand on place (like most anything ingame) giving all others the opportunity to interrupt it.

Agreed mostly. Staying mobile is how to survive in most games. Its no surprise that folks gravitated towards paladin build considering we have to stay still to do anything. Sacred ground is so stupid but without it healers wouldnt even be viable at all. They ripped off the worst part of wow druid healing and said, “meh this will do”.

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