Is there any feature of this game that people have not complained about?

I was browsing the forums and reading about the various daily complaints when I thought to myself; Is there anything that people have not complained about?

The only thing I can think of is the sound and graphics. Other than that every single feature of this game have been complained about and more often that not the complainant claims it will lead to the death of the game and/or that they quit.

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Is there any good or atleast working feature in this game then ?

The sounds are fun


There sure are things to provide ideas, suggestions and constructive criticism about but I’m talking specifically about complaints on features (not bugs). Some people say stuff like that “80% of the playerbase can’t be wrong” and listen to the players etc but as a collective the playerbase is literally never happy about anything. Except about the sound and graphics. But when I’m thinking about it, people have complained about the graphics engine thingy also.

Graphics are nothing to complain about. Their Art Dept gets an A+ from me.

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I haven’t complained about the lack of mounts/having to have to run everywhere.

Of course I ran Track and Cross Country in High School so…

I like the graphics

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I must admit graphics and sounds are top notch, but unfortunately neither of that pulls me back in anymore.


Is there any feature of this game that people have not complained about?

The letter fonts?

That this game is (so far) limited to pc only? (thankfully)

My complaint is the horrible grind for Furnishings, and still not done.

I’m 151 myself and omg what a wonderful grind it will be :rofl:

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