Is there any gear balancing planed in the near future?

Or do I just have to switch to heavy to be efficient?

In my time in the game, anyone who doesn’t wear Heavy Armor is made fun of. Any attempts to wear light for the benefits are mocked and flamed in the open discussions.

So, no. You’ll have to go Heavy and around 100 points Stamina if you want to be serious in PVP.

Search me for why there are even options, given how the game is structured. Even in the PVE content, you’re ‘encouraged’ to use Heavy.

They tried to balance heavy armor this patch. Now at least for healers have to play light or medium to be efficient in PvE.

But overall, yes. You need to play heavy basically all the time in PvP and PvE. There is a reason why every 10th thread is called please nerf heavy armor

I killed two people today in a 1v2 in medium armour with dex weapons

Heavy armour isn’t as good as people make it out to be

I’m actually yet to be killed post patch in open world fights and I’ve killed handfuls of heavy players

Y’all need to stop being meta slaves, then days are coming to pass

I heard great axe is getting a nice buff next content patch. Probably heavy armor too.

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