Is there any good way to learn how to heal?

ok. so stop laughing at my question.

first, as a suggestion, i really wish they would put all of the heal options on the lifestaff skills page instead of having them with all of the other game settings. a bit more intuitive.

i have tried to find a good youtube vid to see if i can learn some of the basics. i come from playing Elder Scrolls Online, and i really like that system a lot better. i feel like in New World they have tried to use tab target ideas for healing that really don’t work so well in an action (reticle target thingy) type game.

i have equipped a healing staff and tried some of the options. it all just seems a confusing mess to me (applause for all of you who heal and have learned the system). using the middle-mouse wheel to choose a person in the group to heal i find to be totally ridiculous. just to easy to scroll past the person you want to heal.

so if it does not break any forum rules, would appreciate anybody who can direct me to vids that are less about gear and skill tree, but more about the various options in the settings page and how they work. been trying to work it out but still not catching on.


There is always youtube or join a company willing to train it’s members. I see advertised recruitment in game often enough.

i will look some more, but every vid i have found for healing in new world is focused on gear and skill tree.

what i have not been able to wrap my head around yet is exactly how the targetting works with the different settings under the general game settings options for healing.

and like i mentioned, i find it a bit odd because i feel like they are sort of trying to use tab target healing ideas instead designing a system for an action based game.

even the casting feels weird, although i am sure i am doing it wrong. it seems like it takes two actions to do any healing. one to select the target, and then two to cast. just for me personally this just feels like a really slow way of doing it.

i dunno. i will keep on checking for vids. maybe as the game becomes a bit more populare somebody might make a vid explaining the target settings in depth.

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