Is there any solo content in 1.5?


I’ve read about repeatable quests in the patch notes. My understanding is that the npcs for those is in an elite area.

Is there ANY content for solo players apart from gahtering and waiting 5 minutes every time you have to reset faciton missions?

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Im a solo player also.

Logged in today and was like “what to do?”.


So they did nothing for solo players eh?

What a shame. This means I have to quit the game again until 4 months later for the next patch.

You literally can do what you want as a solo player , I don’t understand lol


Where are the solo daily or repeatable quests that are worth doing? THERE ARE NO QUESTS OR ANYTHING for solo players

Yea I can grab a faction mission and work 15 minutes for 50 coins. Then i can go to the board and accept all the elite and dungeon ones, delete them and wait for 5 minutes in the hope of soloable quests.


I usually just like to farm / gather on my solo time and try new route for new rss gathering , this is an MMORPG after all , you do your own content

  1. Establish your own personal objectives in-game and pursue them (expertise, better gear, profissions,…).
  2. Join Elite chest runs or do it solo
  3. Join mutation or dungeon groups
  4. OPR
  5. Farm

Lol. This is the year 2022 and not 2001 star wars galaxy online.
Either the develops provide more content, especially for solo players. Or this game is going to fail hard.


I swear I see people farm ori 24/7 in West Illumani in SM , I think you forget people like to farm / gather / refine when they solo and chilling . You can also clear most of the 60-63 POI as a solo and potting . Not sure what you want ? Do you want the developer to hold your hand entire time ?


well…seems you have a clear vision of what’s missing. Maybe you can make some suggestions to the devs with your ideas. I think they’ll thank you


“people farm ori 24/7 in West Illumani in S” “60-63 POI as a solo and potting”

See that’s the problem. I am lvl 60 (played at launch) and have no idea what those words even mean.

This is the most beginner and noob unfriendly mmo since eve online.


I do solo constantly.
All depends on your gear and willingness to die/dodge/heal yourself.
I take on elite 64 in shattered mountains (I’m just at 600 expertise now)…one at a time-two? i’m dead lol.
I take on any corrupted portals from 45 and below, once in awhile (set that tent up) i do a 55 solo.
Anything below 60 -at 600 expertise-you can solo if you got the gear/food/pots and know your skill/timing.
Others mention other things which are great as well.

Yes, we need some more solo single boss expeditions or something like that.

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Na, it just sounds like you’re not very imaginative when playing solo. So for starters you could do supply stockpile runs in reekwater or ebonscale for trophy’s, work on decorating your houses, farm high tier resources, join elite POI chest runs, work on your professions, run pvp missions, level up your weapons or try playing with weapons you havent used before, experiment with armor and perks/builds, go hunt rafflebones for unique named weapons

Most of my solo activities involve leveling my crafting. I collect the materials and sell some of them. I also do the faction quests in the area as i do them. Alot of the high level chests can be solo ran just carry healing potions and chests.
With this patch their is a random mob that can be soloed and is supposed to drop good things(rafflebones?) Also vista paintings to be had from running around the world. Outpost rush can be entered solo if you are into the player versus player thing. Suppose to be roadside quests available as well. Still nothing as far as solo dungeons yet but i have seen it suggested. Hope this helps.

you can do as I do, log in on forum and protest solo the lack of solo content like Factionless Characters

It sounds like you just have no idea what you’re doing so even if they were to add more solo content you wouldn’t be doing it anyways

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You know you can run dungeons without having friends in the game, right? Just type “LFG” in the chat. This is a MMORPG.

Don’t talk about single player PVE now!
99.9% of these players left the game a long time ago…
Those who will answer you will not understand what you are looking for in the game and will have difficulty answering you knowingly…
(with google translate)


no shit, an mmorpg is built around group content; complaining about single player content is probably the lowest iq thing you can do here (worse than the bow complainers)

you want solo content, you either do low level stuff, make up your own, or play a single player game

Have fun with this failing game then. Without us solo players there is no mmo.
All the successful mmos have good solo content.

Those that don’t…well they fail…every time. Because in reality, very few people only do group content. Most people do both and a lot of people only go solo. So if you dont have any good solo content then you screw over the vast majority of players.