Is there any use for split stats?

Honest question here, is there any use for split stats on armor/weapons? Any whacky build that REQUIRES the use of them? Because for me, I can always use my 190 points of level atributes to balance out the stats and reach the sweet spot.

If they are useless, can we please request the removal of them from the game? We have 5 different attributes, which is fine, but there are 20 different combinations of split stats (if my math is correct). Most combinations are atrocious for most builds, so pretty much guarantees an useless item.

Everyone complain about the excess of useless equips we drop, so I think removing split stats is a good step in this direction.

Also, can we please bound the skills perks to the corresponding main stat of the weapon (maybe con being a exception)? I know this will have an impact on some builds, but for me it makes more sense and further reduces the crazy RNG of dropped/crafted items.


Removing them could lower the ridiculous RNG on drops, I’m all in for this, but you know, AGS is balls deep into putting the most complex, random and joyless RNG system.

Items with suffix such as Artificer, Spellsword, Magician, Cavallier are, IMHO, a waste of slots, time, chances and always end up in the shape of repair pieces.


Yeah, hard to believe they will improve the RNG in drops/crafting, but a person can hope… :upside_down_face:

So, anyone feel different about this? Does anyone likes the split stat mechanics? Does it have any purpose I’m missing here?

Yup, just remove split stats completely!

There was some value to them in early days, when there were fewer ways to get coin. I did a lot of gathering and refining early on, so it was a struggle to pay the 5-20% weekly housing taxes and to repair my gear, so having split stats helped me hit thresholds without spending 200g that I couldn’t afford. But with the introduction of hidden stashes, the much higher availability of dungeons and the lowered housing taxes, making gold isn’t that big of a deal anymore. So I agree, split stats should be done away with. There are so many that just make no sense with any type of build.

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2 things about split stats on gear.

1 - The total stat value on armor is 26 instead of 25 at 600+.
2- You have foods that will level out the stat values. Instead of the +40 stat food, you can use the 12/28 foods to still get your 300/200 end stats. Plus this is MUCH MUCH MUCH cheaper than using any of the 40 stat food.

But I’m with you when it comes to STR/DEX, FOC/INT etc gear. That’s so idiotic.

But… maybe there are damage factors we’re not seeing or familiar with (but I figure we’ve tested enough so we should know this by now if so) where INT allows a STR/CON to do more damage… defence or whatever.

Personally, as a htachet/axe, I’m always 300STR / 200 CON because everything I’ve seen said to go that way and so that’s the manner I follow.

If I had to change my weapons for any reason, I would be so screwed up. I wouldn’t know how to adjust for changes.

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only one that I find useful is 50-100str/300dex to up spear damage but then the bow isnt as good and you sacrifice con

only some ultra dps specs really use split stats tbh. running 200 str 200 dex for spear/hatchet for example. have seen some 200 int 200 str builds coming through with BB also. so yea people do use it but only really high end players tbh.

Cavalier is good for spartan builds and spells sword is awesome for BB

the benefit for me is about item availability when gearing

ill use INT as an example

I found an occultist piece (INT primary CON 2nd) that had 2 perfect rolls for what im doing with my build. Ill use that piece until i find a scholar (straight INT) equiv and spec points out of con for balance until I do.

And sometimes I’ll hang onto the piece if a situation /grp that i’m in calls for me to have more HPs i could just put in on

As far as mixed non con pieces? i think that’s for fun hybrid builds and then still some wiggle room while gearing like above. My only direct experience is for Strength dps builds sometimes I would mess with one or two mixed strength/dex pieces and with some food id get to 50 dex or some other stat watermark for fun.

The total for both 25 at 600GS, and 26 at 625GS. The only difference is that split attributes round up to 26 points earlier than single attributes (e.g. at 610GS on weapons instead of 619GS).

The only benefit I can think of to having split-attribute gear is that the minor attribute on dual-attribute armor (+10) has the same difference as attribute food when compared with single attribute armor (+26) at 625GS. For example, if you have a pair of [+26 STR] boots for one situation, and [+16 CON / +10 STR] boots for another situation, you can arrange your attribute points to use Roasted Rabbit food with the first boots and Carrot Cake with the second boots to avoid paying for respec every time you switch.

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gear is cheaper for stats nobody deems valuable.

I’ve been playing a dex/focus hybrid setup since the beginning and I get all of my gear for 1/3 of what the rest of you spend. usually even cheaper than that


All of those builds that use split stats can be achieved just as easily using single stats, you just need to balance how you allocate your stat points, and what food you use.

I run 300/200 STR/CON for my bruiser build, because 300 STR gets you grit on light and heavy attacks, and 200 Con gets you 20% extra physical armor. Both of those are super important in comparison to adding more STR where all you will see is diminishing returns.

For Dex I use either 50 STR/250 Dex/200 Con or 100 STR/250 Dex/200 Con because I run Spear/Hatchet or Spear/GA. The 100 STR gives you bonus damage on heavy attacks, which can be useful sometimes. I don’t use Bow, so losing out on the extra dex isn’t a big deal.

For Tanking I’ll generally go 250/250, because the extra con is nice, as is the 250 con perk. And since I’m not trying to deal damage, the tradeoff isn’t worth it for grit.

With all of those builds, I don’t use any split stat items, except for my Tower Shield, which has Con/Str. I would prefer a pure STR or pure STR shield, but I haven’t gotten anything better, because when I switch from Tank to Bruiser, I’m always a little short of 300 STR unless I use food.

Split stat food is good, because it’s almost always cheaper/easier to make than the full 40 point food, but it’s pointless on armor once you hit endgame.

I’ll bet a lot of people have salvaged some things that would be god rolls to you. I literally did not think there was a single person who would be playing Dex/Focus.

If you’re on El Dorado, I might have some gear for you.


Dex/Focus is a really fun playstyle. I usually stop at 50-150 focus. Bow/Musket/Rapier. I’ve done some spear, hatchet and sword (no shield), but I don’t think I’m very good at those weapons yet because it didn’t go as smooth :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ve pretty much just mentioned the three weapons that I still haven’t leveled to 20, because I just can’t bring myself to stick with them. And Life Staff, of course, is #4.

Different strokes for different folks, though. If I was better at aiming, I’d probably enjoy ranged more, but that ship sailed long ago. Glad you found something that you enjoy, and that let’s you pick up good gear cheap.

@Rattos Thank you for sharing your experiences with crafting and your sentiment regarding split stats. I understand your frustration when crafting something that does not fit into your desired allocation. I will share your suggestions with the Dev team.

Yes but u don’t need split stat gear to use it. Let’s say u run 200str/200dex you just equip half pieces str and half dex you don’t need all pieces to be a str/dex split. It’s pointless.

I like the concept, so maybe they could have their own perk bucket to make them viable and maintain the level of options

Can I just ask what about the concept do you like about it? Genuine question because I honestly can’t think of a single reason myself.