Is there even a reason PvP flagged players can't group with unflagged players? Makes 0 sense

At the very minimum you should be able to group with unflagged players in your faction. I can’t think of one reason why not. This is the only reason I am not flagged 100% of the time, because it’s popular to run boss/chest farms unflagged and I want to group up.

The game is designed so that unflagged players can’t be damaged or HEAL flagged players. This would mean in a party, your healer could heal a flagged player w/o worrying about being targeted. Pretty balanced already imo.

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That’s a valid point. Still wish something could be done. I suppose I will have to do better at finding PvP groups.

Makes total sense to me.

have a trigger that causes an unflagged player which supports a flagged player to become flagged also.

simple fix.

Now this is the kind of thinking I like.

I would like the trigger mechanic. They would need to make it so we can see who is flagged on our faction first.

Well this is a simple fix for ags. Make that unflagged players can’t interact with the flagged players in the same group. Bit a least letting us join a group even when flagged

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