Is there Really No Company Log for Deposit Withdraws? How Do we Keep Track?

Are we missing something? How can a company keep track of Deposits/Withdraws to see contributions and track the Company Treasury if there is no logs of who or when anything is happening?

This has to be addressed ASAP so a Company can actually run.


I have addressed this issues since closed beta. And many more quality of life improvements. They didn t even fixed the message of the day…


Definitely need this.

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Yea I’m just baffled to learn this. I deposited and my Company Leader asked to let him know who deposits because there is no log :man_facepalming:

I just can’t even fathom how a Company can run without a Log, like it’s just basic and fundamentally important.

There are sooo many missing parts from a company… It’s sad that I, can’t see the closed beta posts… But in a player driven economy game, where 100 players play together to achieve some goals, you can’t do anything to supervise your company… (new ranks, logs, company bank, player description, maybe player builds so you know who is a tank, dps, healer and so on). Thanks God discord exists and it’s bots so you can manage a company from there more or less.


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