Is third party FSR allowed?

There are some programs that enable FSR in any game and the difference is HUGE, I’m using magpie, will i be banned for using programs like these?

Really? So we can enable FSR on a game that does not officially support it? Please elaborate.

BTW, of course it would be legal, FSR isn’t some 3rd party app or anything.

in this case, it is, FSR although it’s free to implement, it wasn’t natively implemented. It’s another program made on github that works the scale on the game screen. Search the program I mentioned that you will understand better.

Thanks, bro, this is awesome.

FSR may not be, but if you are using a 3rd party app to enable it you may get banned or similar as 3rd party apps are not allowed by tos.

(Don’t get me wrong, apps like these totally should be whitelisted )

Yes, I use it sometimes with Lossless Scaling. $5 on Steam.
I don’t see how it’s not allowed. It doesn’t modify the game just the scaling. It’s like if you were messing with the resolution setting.
I’m sure using MSI afterburner is allowed and that messes with how much of your GPU the game can use on top of having an FPS display and other information. I think it’s just something that makes sense. If anything, the anti cheat will kick you out before anyone even finds out you’re using a bad program.

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