Is this 3rd party mini map allowed?

@Raftel sorry for the ping. drawing attention to the question, maybe we can sort out an answer.

I wouldn’t risk it. Wait for Amazon to make an official statement.

Has there been an official post? I seen the posts from support that state you “shouldn’t” use it on the “just in case” EAC catches it.


This kind of mods or addons are not allowed. So if EAC detect it or even inside the game you get catch for using this kind of stuff, you can be penalize.

So is a no no.

Be careful, play fair :sunglasses:


Thank you for the official answer :slight_smile:

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Is your response about Minimaps a general reply about “addons” or does it include the Overwolf minimap as well?

On this [website]( How does overwolf grab game data? - Questions - Overwolf Developers Q&A) A dev seems to indicate they are working with Amazon.

Also see this Two Players Create Their Own Mini Map in New World (

If Mini Maps are absolutely forbidden Amazon might want to make a formal announcement. I think people will keep making these tools. IMO NW needs a mini map (made by Amazon) . I support a public API as well.



Remember our code of conduct:

"-Play fair

Do: play within the rules of the game.

Do not: exploit bugs or other unintended uses of game features.

Do not cheat, bot, hack, or use other software or services that give you an unfair advantage through, for example, unattended gameplay or game modifications.

Do not engage in real-money trading of in-game items and in-game currencies.

We reserve the right to determine what constitutes unfair play and to take corrective action we deem appropriate."

If a external software gives you any kind of advantage, even the most minimum advantage do you think that’s playing fair?

For an official mini map remember we receive any kind of feedback to improve the game :slight_smile:


Thank you for the reply. Well as far as feedback on an official Minimap I support it.


I think the major issue that caused long debate on this forum and Reddit was whether the minimap was really any different than looking at the New World Map | Resource Locations, Named Mobs, Dungeons and Lore Pages | website. Obviously the Minimap makes finding mats faster than looking at the website yourself.

Once again, thank you for your time.

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Then like I said @Shinozuka75 People should absolutely not use OverWolf, as it is reading process memory.
I hate to say it, but this is the worst support response I’ve ever seen.
The support person presumes that this minimap gives an unfair advantage.
I’d like to know why that is.

Simply put, the minimap takes a screenshot of the coordinates, tries it’s best to read them then shows what resource nodes are close by.
It does not tell you if the node is actually present.

Here is how my brain does this without a minimap.

I take a mental screenshot of where I am in the game after pressing “M”.
I then ALT-Tab risking a crash and navigate to a new world map of my choice.
I spend a few minutes locating where I am in the game and what resources I’d like to find through a filter system.
I then ALT-Tab back into the game.
I run roughly towards where I think I need to go after placing a pin on my map.

Only advantage of the minimap is it saves me time and risk of a game crash.
But… because there is no backdoor deal for ad revenue or user tracking, Amazon doesn’t like it.

Now to solve that problem, we are to use Overwolf, with it’s Ad system and bookdoor dealings with Amazon.

So Mr. Michael Frazzini or Mr. Christoph Hartmann please let us know if you are going to take our money and ban us for using a competitor. Thanks InB4 ban. Someone had to say it.

Also since Amazon has not given a stance on these things, I can not believe → How does overwolf grab game data? - Questions - Overwolf Developers Q&A

I suggest others do not use Overwolf at all if they are using their “IP” magic to acquire data since it may be actually reading process memory and in fact against Amazon’s TOS.


I do the same. It is not a time saver. Currently I do not have a multi monitor setup. I would not complain about a Mini Map that was allowed by Amazon.

Perhaps this video was correct about 4:30 it shows info about an Amazon Mini Map


I have never used the Overwolf map . Actually I am not using either one. But I would welcome one.

How do we know Amazon allows that map?

Grammar check next time. Your response as a Customer service rep needs to be professional.


This. I can’t take this answer seriously like this.

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I’m not trying to take away from your feelings on this at all, because I to feel the same.
However if you look at all of his replies they are either copy/paste or the grammar is similar.

I find myself feeling like this is someone that English is not their first language.
Regardless though, I find myself waiting for the more adult person to respond to clarify their original response.

Hi guys!

Yes English is not my first language, but this is an Official response.

These kind of software are not allow it. As I mention before, in the code of conduct is pretty clear.


Its not reading memory, so EAC cant ban here.


What is the difference between New World Map | Resource Locations, Named Mobs, Dungeons and Lore Pages | and using the addon. Both are getting their information from somewhere. If we can be banned for using addon that gives us the exact same information the website does, then website is also unfair advantage to game.


Well we don’t even know if the image in that video is actually a mini map. It could be Amazon had tested a mini map a long time ago and decided not to use it. Or perhaps they are going to release one in a future patch.

The image does look like a mini map placeholder though.