Is this game a simulator for trash sorting?

Why so many trash items in this game? Is this some kind of simulator where you need to spend hours digging trash and sorting it? It start to feel unbearable. Open warehouse or inventory and all i see is 90% trash there. And to find what i need, i need to spend hours sorting that trash.

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Yea, i got memory space to remember all trash names. Yea right. wtf

how do i find the stuff i need if it isn’t called for what it is? For example, how i find durability craftmod in search?

Maybe you can savage some of the junk instead of putting them in your inventory?

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so i need to spend 30 min for salvage and sort the garbage? You just proved my point.

You google it and you know the name in 5 seconds.

Most of the time, I can recognise the icon attached to the item… and you can salvage most of the greens, blue (minus the obvious crafting sets), purples (minus the crafting set) and keep the gold ones. …

Why keep gold ones? I have done like 100 dungeons and never got any good legendary item, except for dungeon rewards items. Why should i do more dungeons if i got all rewards? All the rest is fucking trash and should be deleted from game so people dont need waste time looking and salvaging that shit.

The named ones is easily to get all, the ones you want to watch out for are the randoms that are good.

never got a good random. I got full banks with trash legendaries and i wait till developers make some use for trash legendaries, like roll 3 legendaries for 1 random legendary or something like that.

I hold on to gold cause I keep hearing they may possibly give shards for salvaging them. Don’t know if it’s true, but worth holding on to them to find out.

If you take a few hours upfront setting up your storages into organized groups, daily inventory management becomes very quick and easy.

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