Is this legit musket player?

Yes. Many players are returning and are rusty, free kills.

My recent OPR score as a melee.

Both sides had very high kill score. Top 2 were melee #3 was musket

65 kills is the upper end of what’s possible. Someone certainly could get a higher kill game than that, maybe in the mid 70s, but it wouldn’t be a regular occurrence.

I wouldn’t be very suspicious of 30-50 kill games.

With that said, you wouldn’t know if that person is cheating unless you saw their point of view.


70 is def possible I got this like month and a half ago

I’ve had 60. You wanna see if they are killing anything and everytthing or just focus targeting specific people.
Check the deaths of opposite team, and if they aren’t highly varied, musket is farming some people specifically to pad stats.

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