Is this multiverse?

Is the game set in a multiverse or what ?
Why does Isabella look like sylvanas windrunner?
Hot bad girl ? Check
Control and make undead ? Check
Tragic backstory ? Check
Even bigger bad guy actually controling her ?

Let me guess when we get to the big bad guy he is gonna be less or more the jailor ? XD

Or maybe i am wrong and there is much more to the character Isabella ? Just hidden in npc static quest text and some other texts in the world.

I swear you could replace every single npc with piaces of paper . And i doubt anyone will notice .

That one npc that was bugged near genesis i think , that was stuck in doing crunches animation was the most personality anything has in this game . And that was fixed XD

I believe they said they have plans to move past Isabella. No clue as to what that will look like.

waatch it’ll be yonas

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