Is this really balancing attempt for bruisers?

People think mages are op too. There’s a lot of opinion on these boards. It would be nice if AGS/devs would give us the reasoning behind their logic. I don’t think every bruiser build is OP, I’m just not opposed to the nerfs bruisers are getting.

I agree with you there, I would like to hear the reasoning for the bruiser nerf from ags. If it’s just to shake up the meta I need to think about a new game.

I honestly don’t recall many or any calls for bruiser nerfs… most comments I saw in forums were them at they felt bruisers were in a good spot after the nerf to grav pull and light attack lunge. Frankly I was shocked when I read the patch notes.


Well I really don’t know what are reasons behind their logic but these nerfs decision was enough for me to quit the game already. I had a hope and thought ags would step back but after seeing another update that came to ptr and there was not anything good for bruisers then I said okay they will not step back and this is a end for me.

I did not give up and kept playing although all nerfs in the past since day 1 but this is last shot for me and probably for many others

This will be the case for most bruisers and musket players. AGS needs to rethink this ‘balance’ patch but with the update fast approaching it looks like we won’t be getting any last second miracles.

That won’t be the case friend. Many people are happy for incoming bruiser nerfs because it’s not their class. It is very rare to see another class player defending GA / WH bruisers. Not everyone is grown adult to fair approach

Unfortunately I’ve seen so many people revel in the nerfs of other builds to the point that it’s just sad. I was happy for the fire staff players finally getting their weapon buffed up but I guess most people love to see others suffer.

Did you actually quit or are you just wanting people to beg you to stay?

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I quit NW and did not log in NW since 8 march. Why would I want people beg me to stay?

No roster has 25 bruisers & 13 healers. At least not in NA. Bruisers are strong for wars because wars are based on capturing points, & they synergize well in situations that require strong group play. Take away healers and VGs & a medium bruisers presence is severely reduced. To nerf a build because it performs well primarily in wars makes no sense considering a bow performs well in everything but dungeons & isnt getting touched.

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Thank you!! I exactly my same feelings. Bruiser being op WITH synergizing play of VGs and healers is exactly what AGS should be encouraging. They should be discouraging toxic solo play like bows and muskets getting 40 kills without working with anybody…

Im on the verge of quitting but not because bruiser got handed a get real card. Bruiser gameplay stop being fun months ago and it invalidates dps and tanks by doing both of the roles better than them. That should have stopped months ago AGS waited way to long.

They are making the same mistake with ranged weapons. Waiting way to long to bring them down to balance state. And that is the reason Im thinking of walking. I feel we the players will be in an unhealthy range meta for the foreseeable future.

Fire staff is a rework and not much buffing. The only thing that is new is Flare. And that is arguably Busted. They are continuing to go the wrong way on flare. Thematically it fits but should only proc with detonate capstone and on direct hit. Move it to right tree so they can have AOE at range with all those melee abilities. Plus put it far down where left tree cant reach it.

Bow has inherently to much passive damage. It rarely is threatened and when it is it has easy to access haste to build distance. Bow passive need to be tied to landing shots. Furthermore abilities like posion shot or rain off arrows can have those passive damage implemented into their perks when the target is affected by those abilities. Get away from giving so much damage for left clicking and dodging.

Musket accuracy is a problem that was exacerbated by hit scan, and rewarding staying at range. Then scoped was added to compound the gameplay into literally call of duty. You say you want to separate CC from damage but musket has a range slow of 8 sec that does truckload of damage up front and as a DoT. Where is the separation for this low risk shot?

Last the game attributes are busted. If a player is running 400 of any stat the diminishing returns need to be harsher. We are at an unstable part of the game life due to players being able to get such High damage builds with no punishment. S

Shirk fort should not roll on light. ME should not roll on jewelry should be range specific weapon perk. 2HanD weapons should not get trench recovery. SnS should not get rogue. Im sure we can find a few more that would even balance among all weapons.

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