Is this related to new trading exploit?

I saw multiple people today wanting to buy giga stacks of asmodeum. Like 10K-8K.
I was thinking to myself is there anything new anounced that suddenly these people are buying alot of lego crafting mats? Is new patch very close? Now i see this news about trading exploit got me thinking.

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What do you think? I can literally tell u their names

I must just be too old, cause I can not understand why ppl can not just play the game rather than look for ways to break it. As per usual the ppl doing the right thing have to go under a “Blanket Ban” (and I understand why its done this way") to spoil the game for everyone else


must be. daily refining was unli and doesn’t cooldown. so. idk.

Why wouldn’t they have closed the AH then?

Im trying to understand if they fcked up big or no! If they knew about it since morning and duped thousands of asmo. We are fked!

are we not allowed to know what the recent exploit was?

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When it’s fixed, I imagine we will know more.

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The word on the street is people were duping fish filets…

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And this is why so many want the gold cap raised, so they can store their exploits.

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Idk man either those guys duped fish filet gained alot of money and were trying to clean the money by buying alot of asmo? Or they were buying asmo to dupe?

Is really there such a market for fishy fillet?

No i want gold cap raised because alot of stuff in game sell for more than 500k and therefore I can’t use TP to sell them! Im tired of constantly being careful about not posting more than coin cap on TP! The reason you see so many ppl spam in trade chat is because of 500k coin cap! 3x major ancient trophy is around 300k! I don’t know how to explain

That is the problem, you are thinking about what is good FOR YOU, not the community as a whole.

Raising the gold cap will hurt the economy, not help it.

I guess there is. Tier 5 stuff for tier 5 foods

Alot of ppl are like me. How is spamming hours in trade chat for selling stuff or everyone having personal company to keep their coin a good thing?

The topic has been discussed ad nauseum in other threads, I am not going to go into it here. And frankly, even if I did it would go over your head. If you could understand why this is bad for the community as a whole, you would not make the suggestion to raise gold cap in the first place.

well the new scarabs will lower the cost on most craftables in game which is great. the rarity of good crafts makes the price go up so instead of increasing cap they are making crafting more accessable.