Is this related to new trading exploit?

Coming Update will require lot of Fish Oil, Fish Roe and Delicate Fish Filet for new buff food, probably that’s the reason why they did it for fish.

Check [Fish Sauce] on NWDB-PTR.

I guess these are people who want to abuse the current crafting exploit to the max.

They changed it so you can stack multiple trophies of the same type… You can be ensured a 600 roll by maxing your trophies 15x of the same type, you just need the mats to make the 600 GS rolls.

It is not an exploit, they are companies with a lot of gold that are keeping the gold in the form of asmodeum.
go to winward or everfall settlement.
you can see how much gold they earned last week.
in my server the companies do that, they manage the market.
placing 10k refining orders every time they receive settlement money.
Luckily with the October update, this will be controlled.

This is a bug and is not intended. Every post referencing it is being deleted from the forums.


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Likely a gold dupe and they need to dump it by buying up resources.

I don’t think it is a bug, it would be a really strange bug at best. Since you use to be locked to one trophy of the same type in the house. It seems like a purposeful QoL change, since modern software is written with such a high degree of modularity, we would need to have the Jira logs from the devs to make sure.

On a personal level, it is a great thing it might be a reason to max some of my crafting if I ever get around to that.

You go with that. Happy crafting!

(P.S. Hurry! Servers are going down to fix this (definitely not a) bug in minutes.)


If I’m not wrong the new exploit is not about dupe. Its about crafting 600 GS guaranteed.
Probably that’s why ppl bought big amount of materials to craft more items, not to dupe them.


Selling gold online, make a few thousand dollars, escapes you>?>???

Exactly. Technically speaking it’s not a dupe, but it is an exploit. When you place like 15 major armoring trophies in your houses and then start crafting your ass off, you have a hard time pretending you didn’t know when the ban hammer falls.

Nobody is innocent if used more than 3 same type trophies!
Whoever used 4 or more trophies armoring/weapon used with pure purpose to abuse and gain unfair advantage.

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Tell me some names

Asmodium has no limit to how much someone can acquire and has a high market value. Why wouldnt you start collecting it. Its quick to sell, everyone needs them to craft the best weapons and armor. Same goes for quintescence its a great idea if you have bad intentions. A governor could buy out all the asmodium and quintescence and sky rocket the price and people would have to pay that price or wait it out to craft their own and by that time the company would have all their members decked out with the best items. Admittedly this is a good thing that the “expertice” system" exists because it delays that kind of activity. Im on the fence about a catch up function where your luck is equally inversly proportionate to how close you are to the end game. This would slow later progression to a crawl until the next patch comes out where new abilities and high value materials are a thing.

Not the full details because people will use that information for future ill gotten gains. They gave the info they want people to have.