Is tweaking resil and shirk fort the answer?

Im not sure making changes to these two perks are the needed changes to light.

What if you just changed the iframe of the dodge roll so that the last bit of the animation was susceptible to cc and dmg? As in, just as you are ending the roll you no longer had an iframe.

The main issue is just catching the person, not their damage mitigation. They currently dont really need to try and time the dodge. Light users are using the roll distance and ability get outs to make it rough to catch them.

I’m not thinking the dmg mitigation is the reason more the roll and abilities that get tied to light that allow for almost consistent movement away as the actual issue.

Maybe ptr a shortend ifram time instead. This would allow them to be caught, bring a little skill to rolling outside of spam 2 or 3 rolls with no need to adjust mitigation perks instead.



Or have a slight pause before going into another roll.

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I believe the changes to those perks are to level the playing field a little. At the moment light armor is incredibly overpowered. They have the highest mobility in the game, also the highest damage yet due to those armor perks they had similar damage mitigation to someone in Heavy armor.

I agree that light armor should have high mobility, I don’t believe they should have similar dmg mitigation as heavy and in all honesty, I think they should remove the damage increase from light or give all weight limits the same damage increase.

They are still mostly squishy. Its just catching them. Like another option is remove haste bonus after dodges. Why give the best dodge the ability to haste right after nullifying any haste gained for others?

Kinda disagree on same mitigation as heavy armor to be honest.

To me its just movement, not the lack of ability to kill them if caught.


Exactly, the movement speed (and it’s not mobility, it’s movement speed) they gain with light is what makes them so broken, not their damage resistance ¬¬.
Added to the fact that most light users also use bow/musket/axe/broadsword makes them disgustingly fast and they switch out as many times as they want to heal up and come back until once they finish killing you, and the immortality and damage of the weapons mentioned above make it even worse.

Another complaint about LA when you yourself admit that the problem is in the gun. Geniuses. And in the end, as usual, mages get hit.


The only thing they have to take away from the light team is its recovery speed after rolling, this ends up giving it movement speed giving it an insurmountable advantage over the rest of the compositions.
The most serious problem is the passive speed that the bow and musket have, not to mention the speed of the hatchet (with only 29 seconds of recovery time), and obviously the damage that these 3 weapons have along with the greatsword. In addition to the immortality of the healers if you do not attack them with these weapons xD.
It’s a joke that AGS wants to nerf resilience and elusive fortification xD

Let’s give heavy armor high mobility since they have low damage and keep light armor high damage with low mobility.

Medium can just be the happy in between :man_shrugging:

Would this not level the playing field more and an easy fix to start with?

its already works like this, You can take damage at the very end of your roll, the I 'frame doesn’t last the entire duration of the roll. The light roll specifically is not a problem, People just don’t understand these things called weapon passives and perks. 4 Dex weapons are the main problem as to why people can endlessly run away. Bow, Hatchet, Musket, Rapier. Bow and Musket have haste with 0 cooldown, meaning they litearlly are always running faster than everyone else. Hatchet has berserk with cleanses all slows/roots and stuns and gives 20 percent haste and they have defy death making it even easier to run away and healing up at the same time thanks to berserk. rapier is rapier, its not as bad as it used to be but it still a get out of jail free card 87 percent of the time. There are other perks like stam recovery, and also shirking energy that also contribute, Spear has insane stam regen passives, along with the dec 150 bonus. IMO dex is 95 percent responsible for players to be endlessly running away. The blunderbuss Fortify perks are also insanely strong.

People that say light armor is broken are just wrong. They die insanely fast when caught. you can die in under a second even with full resilient. People say oh well light players get insane more DPS than medium or heavy due to the 20 percent bonus, but they have no idea its only BASE damage. medium gets 10 percent base damage and almost double the armor. heavy players do normal damage and have over 2200 armor. Light players hit medium and heavy significantly less than medium or heavy players hit light. Nerfing these 2 perks on light or anything else they also have planned indirectly buffs every weapon in the game. Making the time to kill even faster, Stuff like detonate will be even more broken as well. Detonate can already crit for 7k plus and it would do even stupid more damage. Dex is the main culprit to peoples frustration and it will seriously screw over healers and mages in the end. Its a bad call over all to do this.


I mean i agree with your statement, didnt know they could take damage admittedly at the end part of a roll as i play melee. Id question that because I’ve been on people for a dodge roll and tracked to them with a light auto. It hits unless they go right into another roll. Easily could just be dsync too.

From posts here and talking with folks I agree the bigger issue is all the haste given with certain weapon combos that go light for the damage bump and no recovery time after a roll.

Greatsword is also so over powered it can hit mid dodge. It hits mid dodge all the time. Unacceptable they haven’t even fixed it yet.

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Its a stupid fix that actually makes zero sense. One would think resil and shirking fort would scale the exact opposite way they’re talking about going with it.

They’re once again going to nerf one thing trying to fix another.

Or, you know, just don’t nerf light at all since it sucks ass on any build that isn’t dex which practically abuses it and healers who don’t even really have a choice in armor weight.

Every armor weight should dodge roll

But heavy armor and medium armor should have increased stamina roll costs so you can’t use it as often, maybe even higher than it is currently.

Instead of nerfing light. Lets try adding some buffs to heavy and medium?

Also don’t just destroy my idea of every armor class getting a dodge roll. Its just a shitpost idea. Come up with something better :slight_smile:

This would be funny. I think the easiest, smallest way to test it is just put a pause between rolls for them. A secondary step would be to toss all the haste off, or at least put a slight pause for when that gets activated or make it off crit or something so they at least have to hit, the dex weapons gained after a roll or for just carrying the weapon.

This is the problem. Quite a lot of people project weapon specific issues onto equip load and in the end the ones who will suffer the most are light melees and mages. Those weapons will still have all the movement bonuses and people will still complain because they can’t chase a light dex with a hammer, yikes.

What we really need is a slight buff to heavy and a nerf to medium armor. Light is in a good spot at the moment and nerfing it further will make it obsolete.

I think the majority of players who play casual who say light armor is op doesn’t know bow and musket have perma haste. So they just blame the light roll. So many weapons passives and other perks also contribute to the problem.

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they only have similar mitigation because of shirking fort, if they touch anything else besides shirking fort, mark my words, light armor will be unplayable. They are a little off base about what gives those resistances, But I do agree that they shouldn’t have high mobility and high sustain. I run bow, personally never used shirking fort and im one of the best performers on my server, so its not mandatory, but i am alot squishier than my min maxed light with 5 shirking fort counterparts. I personally feel balanced on the build i run, i dont feel like i can tank too much as for example a hammer could kill me in 3 hits if i let him, but that gives me enough time to react, thats all i really need, i get plenty of kills on medium and heavy players while being squishy, it just becomes paying attention to important animations and not wasting dodges on light attacks like alot of people do. Dodge the stuns, gravs, etc. That being said, i reiterate, I have a arb attune, enchanted, keen jag bow, BiS, some would argue for vic, i personally like enchanted. My fully charged heavy attacks on light armors with full shirking fort only hits for 1-2k, until i get them below half health and my passive kicks in. Whereas ill hit the typical heavy wearer between 3-4k without shirking fort, and 900 with full shirking fort. That perk puts in massive work on any armor set, and the light armor wearers have similar sustain to heavy with that perk. It should really be removed entirely, but a nerf wouldnt be bad either at the least.


It is that the NW pvp is a set of errors.
But something is clear in competitive games, MOVEMENT SPEED is always limited, the waiting time of a haste ability is always higher than the rest.
Imagine a MOBA where you are faster than your enemy all the time, and you reach the points faster by taking a winning position that gives you the advantage to win, that is precisely why it happens in NW those with light equipment arrive before By taking control points, they reach enemy healers faster, they collect resources faster and they will always have an advantage in open world pvp.
Passive and low cooldown haste (minimum has to be 2-3 minutes) has to go from this game.

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I think the vast majority see the problem is haste at this point. Maybe we get lucky and ags sees this thread.

Best change, drop the haste given on weapons that would obviously favor light armor and second, wouldnt need to be done at the same time as the first, make a short pause before allowing a consecutive roll.

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