Is US EAST Down?

I have the same issue. My game is trying to start in US East and it won’t allow me to change to US West or any region for that matter. I looked thru a bunch of config files but didn’t see anything that stood out regarding a server startup option.

Are people actually in the game? I was playing without issue this morning, long after the AWS problems began, until suddenly - crash. Haven’t been able to get back in since. Are people in, though? Like should I keep trying and hope I squeeze in, or am I just hosed until the issue is fully resolved…for which we haven’t had any real ETA or update for over 4 hours…

Wow a huge outage

“” ahhhhhhaaaaaaaAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH “” :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: get off work to this bullcrap “” ahhhhhhaaaaaaaAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH “” :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Just sat down for a night of gaming and US East still appears to be stuck “SEARCHING FOR WORLDS…”
The first sign of something wrong was when I launched the game and it took longer than normal to pop up the first New World CONTINUE splash screen. From there, the second splash screen with news and such appeared, but the normal blue CONTINUE window at the bottom right had an unfamiliar yellow bar across the top. I then received a “CONNECTION FAILED” pop-up with the dreaded Login malfunction, please try again soon.
OK? No, that’s not OK! Come back!
I keep trying to switch the region to US West, but it keeps trying to default to East and times out.


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Don’t worry it will be fine. I’m sure they have backups upon backups

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I demand a pet turkey with gobble-on-command as compensation!

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i have a job that is pretty rough. This game is my whine down from the day. I just got the game, and it beats the pants off all of the other MMOs i tried.

Here i am not able to destress, pick some flowers…

I mean i know all new launch games have issues… but this is reminding me of Archage with all kinds of server issues.
except its amazon, with billions of dollars… so idk…?!?


This is progress that i can even post on the forum. Previously, my account lost its link and i just had to watch the turmoil. Baby steps.

What do you do?

Garbage truck driver with a start time of 3am.

Ah. The truck is cool but the garbage … blah



yeah and i have to crawl into the back of it and clean it out, i have to dump water plant cans. they are full of people juices, they smell so bad, even after 5 years. The only upside, in the winter, it does not get cooked by the transmission heat.

So it does not make you gag as much, or your eyes burn and water from the smell.

but you still get to see undigested corn, tampons, and condoms… YAY!
so you can see why i like to pick flowers in this game, and farm mostly… and use it as a way to just chill.


lol I know it’s gross. Organic matter and all kinds of gunk and crap and puke. Ah man making my stomach turn just thinking about it.
Just remember, you’re doing everyone a service. I’d give you a medal if I could


This outage while frustrating is effecting the entire internet. Dozens of games are down at the moment. It is effecting login issues from everything from disney+ to amazons site itself. For every sec that the east coast servers are down Amazon alone is loosing millions of dollars in sales every minute. While it does blow that it effects NW this is an entirely a AWS problem and has nothing to do with NW or the NW dev’s.


Ty for that clarity.

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I got a medal, a ring, and 3 pins for my service. LOL

it pays great nearing 6 figures, other drivers are already there.

but when i am in bed, closing my eyes. I ask myself, why didnt you just go to college for engineering like you wanted. Then i sniff… and…i wake up in a trash truck…

i think if go to hell, i will be running a endless route, with bad traffic, bad drivers, and more poop than i can handle… to forever smell like… the mix…


They should give early retirement for sanitation workers

Well As NW dev,s are part of the crap show We call amazon… kinda all goes hand and hand .,