Is war broken? Who's server is dominated by one faction?

Sound off here if your server is dominated by one faction. Tell us how this affected your gameplay. What is your company doing? How many left the game when this happens?

Server: Laputa - All covenant but they gave marauders and syndicate one area each. 4+ companies left the server killing the economy.

Server: Yulbrada - On its way to being all purple. Everfall and Cutlass Keys were broken causing us to put our efforts into the wrong areas. For some reason purple didn’t bother with Everfall and Cutlass Keys. Most likely they were either tipped off to this bug/exploit, or were already familiar with it. Azoth prices are ridiculous and most of my company are tired of New World bugs. We’re down from 15+ people to 3-4 regulars.

Server: Celadon - All purple. Everyone just changed to purple so they didn’t have to fight the azoth costs.


Bouneima is headed toward all green… at least they’re trying to. Got a bunch of purple and yellow who refuse to jump on the bandwagon but so many people have swapped to green since they’re the ‘winners.’

Worst part - most companies who held yellow territories have swapped green and are pushing to make them green now too vs their 1-10 prison companies who were left holding.

Top 30-40 pvpers all went green so pretty much a powerhouse of one color and everyone else trying hard to combat it…


Azoth gets so bad when most of the territories are different colors. Couple that with storage crisis and I can’t say I blame them for switching. Makes the game even more of a chore.


Defense is 10x easier than attack so when you have good 50 you can conquer entire map and be de emperor.


Yeah, I think Azoth shouldn’t be adjusted by players. It kills the game. I can only have 1000 azoth, and 1 fast travel costs 50-70% of that? Why would people stick around to run everywhere?


Forts should be more difficult to attack than to defend. After all they are forts. Defenders often have the upperhand in battles.

Even then here needs to a difficult means of lowering fort defenses, Preferably before the war starts. As mentioned above those in the defensive position have a really large advantage.

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They are extremely harder to attack than defend. If you use war items like war thorns and take terrain advantage.


Have you considered that people are instinctively favouring one-colour maps?
If you start on a map like that, the first time you choose a Faction, you might as well choose the map colour. Then flag for PvP all the time for the Luck bonus with zero risk – and that’s on top of having all the faction benefits all across the map.

@Lane @Zin_Ramu This is how people are really using the PvP flagging bonus. Not for PvP at all.

The solution to this, as well as many other exploits and problems, AND encourage PvP on all servers, is to completely remove player influence from Settlements.


Fairly even distribution on el Dorado.

Was dominated by yellow.
Then by purple…

Now each owns 3+…

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Eu Central Aquila. whole map yellow ( 3 seperate faction but 1 leader ). they gave 2 territories willingly. they buy all sources bulk everytime. Normally jeff bezoz beeing rich don’t bother me because i dont see jeff every day. or i don’t see him in opr or wars and pvp. Your system giving one man soo much power. if the server cap were 10-15k, then that would’we been normal. but we are 500-700 players and ofc 400 are yellow ruining everything. they just can do whatever they want. everfall and windsward are way overpowered for a company to obtain. we are doomed atm.

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I’m in Celadon. Man I really wish I can join Purple for the azoth travel. They own the whole map.

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Come to Pluto. It’s the healthiest server.

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I mean on my server its dominated by one faction… Least they have upgraded one town to tier 5 im not complaining lol

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I wish posting in this forum meant something, but it doesn’t…

I disagree player influence should be completely removed. That was part of the game’s selling point…

However, there do need to be upsides AND downsides to owning a territory, right now it’s all upsides, and for some territories, it’s a huge advantage (like EF and WW). There need to be trade-offs to owning a territory, you cant get fast travel, savings on houses, and make 200k/week. off taxes…further there needs to be upsides and downsides to your faction owning territory, right now, every server should just go one color because there are no downsides to doing so…(It’s not like invasions happen more often in the strongest factions territories so that they get downgraded more often) The only “downside” is the ability to run influence faster as the smallest faction, which is completely negated by the 80% chance of winning a war on defense…(and that 80% doesn’t mean that if you attacked 10 times you’d win 2 of them, it means 6/10 wars, the attacker doesn’t even stand an iota of a chance…and those 6 attackers never will stand a chance…)

And to top it all off, the loser faction is actually paying taxes to increase the defenses and economy of the oppressor faction…

What they’ve done is create a perfect allegory for the real world…

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Yep. On Bouneima, yellow and green are in an alliance (pre server merge) so any companies in those factions that were merged into the server and dont wish to be part of their alliance are considered the enemy. As a Marauder we have to get permission from the Alliance to push territories, they flip territories with less than 5 min wars and if you confront them they designate you the enemy and are blacklisted from all wars and invasions. Not to mention the propaganda and lies they spread about those who disagree with them. Realistically the map is already totally green, its just the greens switched to yellow for a while and are now switching back.

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I think a lot of it has to do with people not giving a damn about wars and territories.

I was on a server, where my company took over the whole server. Then we left to a server that only had 1 territory, and now all but 4 zones have been flipped.

Both servers it’s basically come down to 1 company letting another declare war, then winning the war for them, to gain lower prices and cheaper jumps.

I was recently talking with some other factions about that. This one company has no territory, but they do chest runs everyday 100 deep, flagged. They said basically every time they declared war on some random company, it was almost always the same non company group defending it.

Having won tons of territories myself. I know that a well oiled group that follows the commands of ONE leader. Can easily win wars. It’s the wars that are full of chiefs and no Indians that fail miserably.

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Sounds like my new server

We merged in and purple and green have an alliance and any semblance of yellow banding together is quickly stomped out.

Green and purple lend each other members for defense against yellow pushes and us being yellow we push a lot and every chance they get they interfere with chest runs and will sandwich us from the camp and from going forward.

It doesn’t really bother me but there’s not much AGS can do to stop it unless they give an underdog buff which I’m not really sure about.

Since the merge, Ferri is almost fully dominated by yellow.

Literally impossible to take a fort because if you do they’ll log on an alt and flip the fort after you take it almost immediately.

We had a fairly good system going on our server and healthy war systems playing out. Last night we had a war, one of the most lag we’ve ever encountered with 5-7 seconds lag at each of the points when they were capping, feels like yellow is exploiting on Ferri.

Are you playing on a server where ownership hasn’t changed hands since launch? Mindboggling you think imposing negatives on companies succeeding at the PVP endgame is an appealing change.

An underdog buff does present certain issues. Perhaps it could only be related to PvP obliquely. Rather than a direct buff during wars or OWPvP an indirect buff might be useful.

Another approach might be to make possible some resistance before an actual War. One that’s been suggested and that I’ve mentioned before is having a means to wear down defenses through PvP missions.

In either case perhaps something more imaginative could be created to help bring some hope to an underdog faction.