Isabella’s Amulet(s)

@Centeotl - any feedback from the team about this?

What about those who may have dropped the amulet since it was just taking up space? If it becomes something useful, will those of us who pre-ordered and removed this item be able to get it back then?

edit: I mean it more as a suggestion if this amulet down the road becomes something useful now even as a decoration item to please consider those who removed the item from their inventory.


I’ve sent the ideas and this thread over to the development team, but I have not received any updates regarding this particular matter. I’ll let you know when I do!

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Yep biggest bunch of useless I’ve ever seen in a game.

IF you preorder now… You’ll get a free item that you’ll likely never use! So much so, you’ll literally replace it within the first few hours of the game. But… You can’t simply throw it away. We’ve simply cursed you with it.

Good job!

Face it guys and gals… This game was so obviously screwed from the beginning. We should have seen this from day one. This is a perfect example.

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wouldn’t matter anyways.

Everyone who pre-ordered likely threw this away the first day when we finally figured out how to get it out of our inventory.

You could at least had it advance with our levels. Pointless to do anything about it now unless you plan on giving us another one.

It was THAT FKN USELESS of an item…

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It’s great because people saw stats and immediately cried Pay2Win!

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Can’t drop or salvage it

  • If you try to drop it says you can’t drop mission items

This is why I thought that maybe the amulet would be upgradeable with the Tempest Expedition since Isabella is the MSQ focus

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Ahhh okay. That I didn’t know. I will have to look for it then in one of my storages to make sure I have it. Thank you for the heads up!

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Just a weekly bump to keep this topic alive.

I recently started a new character and received this amulet about 30 minutes in;

It really gives very little purpose to the Isabella amulet. Maybe if the Isabella amulet was a low level 3 perk? This would give it some utility for a few levels.

If it was even just a 100GS with;

  • Stat: Constitution ( +2 @ 100 GS )
  • Gem: Flawed Pearl ( +0.25% Luck )
  • Perk: Luck ( +0.5% @ 100 GS )
  • Perk: Health ( +3% @ 100 GS )
  • Perk: Refreshing ( +1% @ 100 GS )

These stats aren’t overpowered, the utility works for almost any early build, and it’s something nice to have for several levels. It can be replaced or kept for a little while.

@Centeotl - hey, it’s been another month. Just curious if you have any updates


The Pre order Isabellas Amulet was the biggest scam i have experienced in my whole gaming history.
Even Monsters at the starting beach give the same or better jewelry than this lol.
Was always wondering why nobody told AGS what a scam this was.
I guess we were all blind and full of hopes at the release date.


Well the stats are just part of the problem.

My issues are:

  • It’s easily replaced at an early level.
  • It says “mission item” when trying to drop which really had me convinced we would upgrade it during Isabelle’s storyline closure… but it wasn’t. Instead we have a legendary drop with the same name that anyone can get.

Also a recent bug has turned it into a common-rarity item which just adds insult to injury on the flavor text which states it’s a “Legendary” amulet.

Compensation when?

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The item’s description literally says “a legendary amulet”

Really AGS?

  • Unmarking this thread as solved, sorry @Centeotl


That, is unfortunate .-.

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Wait this was a pre-order bonus? Hahahaha. I was wondering why I couldnt salvage that

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That good 'ol @armor lol

A legendary An epic amulet that houses a mysterious power…

The good 'ol AGS fix!

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They should at least make it clickable with a small Isabella story similar to the book you can click to see the story again after finishing Tempest. Jesus, use some imagination. Most perorder items in games are garbage but this one takes garbage to a new level.

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I do not have it and likely will be jealous that I was not around to pre-order it when they fix it, perhaps make it a rare housing item as others have suggested? In the meantime. As of right now I am very much not jealous and that is the opposite of what a pre-order bonus is designed to do!