Isn’t it a bit hypocritical?

I mean, AGS forced us to do gypsum because they were unhappy with players ignoring some of the high level content just to grind out water mark…

Then like 1 patch later, they make everything but dungeon mutations completely useless.

That’s not very diverse… and feels like they are doing the exact thing they said they didn’t want us to do… ignore content and funnel into a singular track for progression.

Hell, I remember when they said they didn’t want a mini map because it breaks immersion… you know what also breaks immersion? Grinding one dungeon over and over.

AGS should have a new rule…

If you play the PTR for 2 hours, you get 10k gold on your main account… the only other requirement is: Should this patch go live? Yes or no?

If 75% of the players chose no, scrap it, if 75% say yes, implement it.

Then we get rewarded for testing, and AGS gets rewarded because they have a job (since we won’t quit)


Go read every other patch note.


Now go over the past forum discussions.


Notice anything?
I’ll point it out: every single thing the community have complained about since release was adressed in the exact opposite way. Every. Single. One.

Bugs? There are more now then day 0. Grind? Never something required so much of it. PvP? There is not a single good thing beind said about it. PvE? Everyone, even pve enjoyers, is fed up with it. Movement? With desync bug it got even worse.

Some people still think the game is doing fine, and some question why everyone is leaving… They really shouldn’t. Evidence is plenty, and is available for all to see.

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