Isn't RTA servers just FSS?

Isn’t RTA servers just FSS? Why ask to transfer to a FSS if the RTA one is an FSS anyway?

Just curious.

RTA servers started when FSS began but they were by invitation only for a streamer event. Because they were invitation only, the population on them is very low. Currently there is no transfers allowed from any FSS or RTA servers so characters on RTA servers are forced to play on very low pop servers… AGS is opening the RTA servers to the public for new characters creation soon if it hasn’t happened already. This might help with low population but probably won’t help much.

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Everyone also blew all their gold on them to complete the challenges and they have no town upgrades, no progression, and no new players.

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Because there are 75 active players on my RTA server. I am just quitting the game because AGS doesnt give a rats *ss about new or returning players stuck on the dead RTA servers.

They started the same time as fresh with the same rules, its ridiculous they wont let us transfer let alone merge with a diff fss.

It’s been stated multiple times. It’s not a question about if they will have merges and transfers it’s a question of when. There absolutely will be transfers from FSW to “Legacy” and most likely transfers between FSWs.


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