[Issue / Feedback] Fishing - Line Length

Fishing line length has since release been a joke thus far, its intend is for players to throw the line further both so you can reach pools farther out but also the further you throw the line the faster something bites.

here lies the issue however…

  1. there are no pools so far out that anyone would desire extra line length, and if then you can fish while neck deep in the water.

  2. you never wait for anything to bite, it takes less than a second, what takes time is reeling it in…

Solution Suggestion:

  1. add larger variety of fish, along with pools located further out where extra line length would either make it barely possible to fish in them or make it more convinient.

  2. instead of having line length dictate how fast something bites… change it to increasing fishing luck.

note: and please… add more chests and return coins… or even remove the chests entirely as they are terribly to get on the hook considering their value is utterly terrible to the one who fishes it and for the market who gets further saturated… please fire the incompetent designer behind one chest and make it worthless idea…

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