Issue with storage after server merge

Hi Support

Character name: CHI-BA-WIZ
Server: Vega

After a server transfer last night from Nembus to Vega, I had items on the market place, which are now been returned to my storage making my storage over full. This is stopping me from re-submitting items to the trading post. Every time I try to list an item it gives a message “Settlement storage full”

These items are the result of investing in Arcane and Cooking, farming Wynwood trees and making staffs. I also bought tons of sandpaper and other materials to make items which I need to sell to make some of the money back so I can invest in future items.

This is the reason why I can not just drop items until enough space to list items back on the Trading post. Unless you are willing to compensate me the 2k I spent on materials, not to mention time spent gathering materials, so compensation would be more in the region of 5k.

Thanks for your help, Merry Xmas holidays! :partying_face:

Hello @poppy1234530

I am sorry for the issue with the storage.

A possible reason why you are having this issue could be due to number of unique items in your storage. Could you please indicate how many unique items you have in your storage? There is a limit of 500. So there are two factors, weight and number of unique items that can prevent you from placing items into storage.

Please let me know so we can follow up if there is an issue.

Happy Holidays :christmas_tree:

Hey Deepak

Thanks for getting back to me, you can close this thread, I originally posted after server merge returned the items I had posted on Trading post before server merge. I was over weight in storage as a consequence. I ended up reorganising my storage over 5 settlements, running between them to create room. I spent a lot of time and Azoth doing this.

I personally believe you need to compensate people who were moved to new servers as this has effected them the most. Its not our fault the server died. We remained loyal to the game through all the bugs and cheating, now you do this.

Thanks for your help, Merry Xmas!

Hello @poppy1234530

Thank you so much for your response. I am glad that you were able to resolve the issue with the storage. I am relaying your feedback about the server merge to the appropriate department.

Happy holidays :christmas_tree: