Issues tonight ? or just shitting amazon coding?

Both my characters accounts were logged off in towns and when i logged back in after being in hibernate mode for 1 hour I died In town…

lets hope march patch is tested 100% eh amazon ? no more shitty bugs please


Same thing happened to me a few days ago.

this issue has been here since long time ago my friend, lately it happens more often to more players

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How can you die when your chars are logged off? Maybe you didn’t log off properly? Maybe it’s your error?

What is hibernate mode?

When you don’t turn off your computer and it goes to sleep mode.

But regardless if you logged off in game that shouldn’t be an issue. Unless a ghost did it!

@Guttsu I had previously reported this same issue from another thread concerning a similar issue. Sometimes you can still stay logged in even after you have quit New World. I will proceed to request feedback from the Dev team with specifics of why this is occurring and if there is any way to stop this from happening.

but how you even died inside settlement? that doesnt make any sense

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I saw players laying down sleeping but not disappearing. It’s like they had a permanent corrupted debuff that was slowly taking their health, but being in town regenerated it back. They just laid there for hours.

There has been a rare but occasional bug of players who die in their settlements, the developers have been made aware.

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are you for real ?

how can me logging off result in death inside a town ? … is your brain even wired properly ?

how can it be my error by logging off…

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heart attack.

good one tbh

The last (and final time) I logged out, I was in town, and had ONLY been running around town checking storage, etc. When I logged out, I saw the “safety” timer (for lack of a better term) pop up with a 1 minute countdown. I keep hoping to see improvements, which is why I still come to the forums, but I’m losing hope of ever returning with each and every patch.

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