Issues with EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3 Ultra

Exactly the same happened to my 3090 FTW3.

On launch of the game, fans at 100% and monitors black.

Then 2nd time wouldn’t boot. Managed to get it to boot on an alternative bios, the monitor was flickering badly but managed to re install firmware on the card and after that it stabilised.

I need to test performance to see if there was long term damage done but at least if I have to return to Amazon where I bought it I can tell them it was their game that fried it.

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Same happened to my RTX 3090 after spending time in queue and then playing for a little bit. It just got fried. I have a Gigabyte RTX 3090 though.

Hey man, you need to send this up the chain. 3090s are the most expensive cards on the market and this game is bricking them.

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Sorry to hear about your card. I’m running an EVGA 3090 FTW3 Ultra also but have had no issues. Sounds like a hardware failure. You’re probably already aware that the memory on the backside of that card runs pretty hot. I installed an extra fan inside my case directed at the cut-out in the backplate to help cooling on the core and backside memory. Hope everything works out with EVGA.

Same here - I have the extact same card as you. Played for about 6 hours yesterday without any issues. I’m a bit weary to log back in today if theres a known issue…

If you’re using Precision X1 for to control your card, you can always create a profile where you deliberately throttle the GPU at 70c or whatever you think is safe. Temp Tuner is 2 clicks to the right on the bottom panel of PX1.

I use Precision X1 - set up my profile with temp control etc. The card ran between 65-76 during the 6 hours playtime yesterday. In my mind its a bit hot, but within scope. Question now is, do I jump back on New World and risk it.

Secondly, might be unrelated. But I noticed that new NVIDIA drivers was released on 19.07 - one day before the beta opening - I havent installed the new drivers. Wonder if that has something to do with some of the cards failing?

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there have been issues with some versions of 3090 since they launched it and not only affecting this game

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I’m on the current driver and I had no problem. But I personally believe that people tend to have thermal issues with the 3090 just because of it’s design. I mine crypto on mine sometimes when I’m just browsing the web/youtube and the backside memory gets near 100c. Supposedly that’s in the operating range of DDR6X memory but I don’t like it when stuff gets so hot it’d literally burn you to touch it. So I installed a fan pointed at the backside of the card and it’s better. About 70-75c. Still blazing hot, but I’m much more comfortable being 30c under the claimed thermal limit.

EXACT Same situation happened to my EVGA 3090 FTW3, Played a week of Alpha then it went POP and wouldn’t post. In the meantime I’m turning VSync on to hopefully mitigate any damage to my replacement 3080ti

Water-cooled EVGA 3090 FTW here as well.

2 hours into playing both screens went black, audio from game and discord still coming through.
Hard reset the computer through the power button and both screens came back. Did not think to check my temps at the time so I’m not sure what there were.

Set up is EVGA 3090 FTW, Ryzen 5900x + EVGA 1000w PSU.

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It’s overheating, plain and simple. And if you’re not running something like MSI Afterburner, you won’t notice it. I already posted a similar issue but in my case with EVGA RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra.

The “solution” in my case was - and I can’t stress this enough - LOCK the damn game to 60 fps from the settings. My temps dropped drastically when I locked it to 60 fps. Do NOT under any circumstances run it “Uncapped”, there is a high chance it will brick your card. Obviously it doesn’t happen to all GPUs and to older GPUs but in the case with 3080s/3090s at least, they’re running hot in general and for some reason this game eats them as if it is mining bitcoins or running stress tests.

Just LOCK it to 60 fps until (if…) this gets fixed.

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I’ve ran plenty of stress tests over the 8 months of owning this card with zero crashes. Yet this game’s menu crashes it.

Considering the time and resources spent on this game, I can’t believe they don’t have an auto frame cap in the menus like every other game that has released in the last 5yrs.

Definitely - that 30C makes a huge difference! If you plan to jump back on NW today let me know how the hardware holds up.

I used to run MSI afterburner for ANYTHING , since my PC was having these issues with Fall Guys , Valheim , …

AC Valhalla and Cyberpunk etc , I could run these non stop with no issues .

I had the issue a first time with Fall guys , then with Valhalla and later even with WoW Classic … but running MSI afterburner fixed the issue cause I could prevent voltage pikes when the Mhz was fluctuating…

now with this , even MSI afterburner won’t help , I keep getting the crashes , can’t even enter settings , the game boots , starts loading settings screen or login screen w/e , I dunno what screen it loads cause it goes straight to crash …

is there any way I could be putting in that frame limit without entering the game ?

Sure. You can do it from NVIDIA CP or Riva Tuner. Easiest way is from NVIDIA Control Panel - open it, go to Manage 3D settings—> Global Settings —> Max Frame Rate.

Good morning, @Adam_F

GPU’s. Game fried two EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3 Ultra video cards. Yeah it sucks.

I will be honest, I did not check that out. I just assumed that bricking 3090’s was not a “common issue”. If it is considered a common issue, we are all doomed my man.

Here is the info that thread asks for though.

All Drivers and Bios up to date.
CPU: Intel Core i7-10700K
GPU: EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3 Ultra
RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB
HDD: (game installed to primary OS storage, or secondary drive?) Primary m.2 SSD
MOBO Model: ROG Strix Z490-E Gaming Z490
Mobo BIOS Version: BIOS 2201
Windows System Version and Build Number: 10.0.19043 Build 19043
Server (Region): US East
Physical Location/Region (i.e. Rome, Italy): MI, USA
Internet Service Provider: Comcast
Error messages you are getting: None
What is happening?: Two EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3 Ultra died. 1 card died from playing the game, the other died from just trying to launch the game. Both cards went 100% load, monitors shut off and now cards cannot be detected on PC bootup during post.
Where are you in the process when you run into the trouble? (e.g. When I leave tutorial and enter the world, launching the game, teleporting to an outpost in Weaver’s Fen, etc.) Launching the game, did not even make it to the Amazon Games screen that pops up right after launch.

Hope this helps. Considering the posts on this thread, this really needs to get to the engineers and developers, seems we got a major issue here.


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I was locked to 60, and running steady temps in acceptable ranges. Card died after 45 minutes of play. It’s good advice to not stress your card, but there’s something else at play here I think.

The issue is with EVGA, is not from Amazon either NVIDIA, it was a known issue from time ago already, the game runs great, it uses the 100% of the GPU meaning there is no Bottleneck at all, it uses all the power the GPU can offer.

Sounds like VRMs poorly cooled / sloppy model from EVGA, like I said, a known issue already from this manufacturer.

Thank you.

Seems like EVGA also not reacting to it for now.