Issues with EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3 Ultra

The issue is with EVGA, is not from Amazon either NVIDIA, it was a known issue from time ago already, the game runs great, it uses the 100% of the GPU meaning there is no Bottleneck at all, it uses all the power the GPU can offer.

Sounds like VRMs poorly cooled / sloppy model from EVGA, like I said, a known issue already from this manufacturer.

Thank you.

Seems like EVGA also not reacting to it for now.

If your card bricked with this game then It would have bricked with a simple stress test in Furmark too, like I said the game has nothing to do with the issue.

Apparently there are people playing multiple other games only to have the card break in New World.

The game is literally the issue

I personally know 2 people who have had their 3090s bricked from playing this game

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They are all EVGA card owners, im playing perfectly fine in my ASUS Rog 3090, temp around 72-73 in 4K limited to 144FPS.

Yea, no. When I was overclocking my 3080 FTW 3 Ultra to the absolute limit, I ran multiple hours, even days for stability. FurMark, 3D Mark, Unigine and a few others. It never failed after 8-12 hours sometimes, it never crashed. Yes, it reached high temperatures for obvious reasons but it was working completely stable. Needless to say it never reached higher than 65-70 C* in any game, let alone overheating so severely.

Right now my card is UNDERvolted and UNDERclocked and if I run uncapped FPS in New World, it reaches temperatures higher than when it was overclocked and running FurMark.

So yes, the game has everything to do with the issue.

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All the users I keep hearing that have issues are EVGA Card owners, you are also one so dont you think the issues are with your card assembler?

I just had the very same problem with different graphic card KFA2 2080 Super

I have a 3090 Zotac, no problems at all, played like 2 hours the game… but reading all of this, I’m waiting to Amazon Studios bring a fix, I’m not playing anymore.

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I have a 1060 video card - 100% memory leak. I will not play the game until the problems are fixed!

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So I agree with you that issues exist on the EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3 Ultra side for sure, 100% without a doubt this card is having issues with this game more so then others, i mean they are just simply dying to New World. But I am finding other cards are having the same issue, just less frequent. Also a whole lot of cards are running this game above 80 Celsius, working but running HOT, even with capped frames.

All this is a recipe for disaster. So I just think both sides need to get on this ASAP. Amazon Games and EVGA. My brothers 2080 runs @ 77 Celsius but is working, my wife’s 3080ti is working but running the game @ 82 Celsius. Both on medium settings with frames capped. This is insane, we dont hit these temps on max settings in any other game or even stress tests.

I’ve got a Gigabyte 3090 and it does the same thing that others have described. Fans max out and screens go blank just trying to launch the game. Plays any other game without breaking a sweat. I wish you luck on your 3090 surviving. Playing this beta isn’t worth the risk to my video card.

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Although I had some issues with mine, it seems to be focused specifically on the EVGA 3090 and not 3080. Once I capped at 60 fps, no issues whatsoever. However, I find it suspicious that suddenly a massive amount of EVGA 3090 owners complained about severe issues (well, can’t get any more severe than blowing up the card) only with that particular game. If EVGA 3090 were blowing like popcorn left and right, we would’ve seen that in other games as well. Apparently there is also something very wrong with this game. In less than a day so many EVGA 3090 owners said farewell to their GPUs for good. Yes, I blame mostly EVGA but I doubt that there are no issues with the game that are causing this behavior.

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RIiiiiiight… but, you are wrong. Its definitely something with the game. Funny that its the ONLY game that does it, I bet you think thats the “future of gaming” huh?

I am jumping on here. @Adam_F i am asking for a DM directly.

This happened to my 3090 too. This is not a coincidence.

Hey! i have asus rog strix rtx3090 oc. who has such a video card, had such a problem?

I’m not using a 3090 but I’ve noticed temperatures being much higher on this game compared to pretty much everything else I’ve played on this PC.

Using MSI Afterburner and HWinfo I’ve noticed that whenever I’m playing New World it’ll “overwrite/force” the clock speed much higher that what I’ve manually set myself, usually I have my clock speed to around 1850Mhz maximum to make sure I don’t push the temperature too high. However while playing New World I’ve seen it spike to 1980Mhz and once it reaches the thermal limit it’ll start underclocking itself.

The only real work around I’ve found so far is using Afterburner to decrease the clock speed by -200Mhz which roughly places it to where my original maximum should be. I’ve seen my temperatures drop by roughly 5-7 degrees depending on what is happening on screen, it’s not where it usually is but saves being close to cooking the GPU while playing.

I wonder if the defective cards that Nvidia released that driver for are clocking too high and using too much power draw which is causing the defect to appear again. It would also explain why when playing other games the situation doesn’t appear?

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We are tracking this issue in the following thread Known issue EVGA RTX 3090 & 100% GPU.

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