It’s infuriating that the devs obviously record the blog a month in advance and pretend like it was just recorded

They post a tweet of them setting up the camera for the devblog the day before it goes live expecting us to believe this is up to date with the games current state. Anyone who has played in the last month has been victim to the worse desync the game has had since launch and non stop ice showers and grav wells. But you clowns talk about the void gauntlet… and what’s funny is when you guys nerfed the void gauntlet you decided to nerf the orb… the freaking ORB instead of idk void blade healing?? I just can’t anymore lol.


Eh. These videos take a while to plan, pre-pro, shoot and edit. And they have to be EXTRA careful with what they say because gamers nerd-rage much harder than any other consumer.

That’s the paradox of the gaming industry. Players DEMAND more transparency but the moment a developer slightly misses a promised deadline or don’t meet expectations… END OF THE WORLD.


I mean they must be doing these dev blogs like 4 weeks in advance. By the time the blog comes out it’s just old news at this point.


Eh, between no mention of patching breaking everything all the time and the fact that we’re still enduring this outsourced CS tells me, honestly, that this isn’t a priority project.

My guess is guns are firing on making LA the success. I think NW is ‘there until it’s liable,’ that is, when the costs outweigh its profits we’ll see it Crucible’d.

It’s old news for a lot of players who keep up with every patch note and post. I would venture to guess that the majority of players do NOT keep up with patch note and post.

However, I do agree that it would be nice for some extra context released WITH these videos about more recent issues. Something as simple as a title card: “We are aware of the current issues with combat and performance. This video was pre-recorded.”

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