It feels like the combat changes are hanging over live

Just waiting to completely change combat.

Cast time on lights embrace

Stamina change

Feels threatening not exciting.


I think the stamina nerf is going to favour GAs and allow them to kill light users much easier. Luckily GA light users have the 300STR perk.


I am not a fan of the stamina change. I am even less a fan of the LE change.

Do not even get me started on the heavy handed 30 / 0 / -30 change, paired with also losing 10% armor(which also impacts total health).

They are flat out murdering gear, and builds some people spent close to 3/4 of a year obtaining. If gear for specific builds grew on trees it might be ok, but it simply doesn’t.


Can‘t wait to see even more GA users with the absolutely insane increase to Melee Homing and the reduced ability to disengage from them.

Never been more worried about a patch to be the last one that I play.


Yep this is how they finally kill the game off. It’s a shame because without the stamina changes, dodge distance changes, LE changes…it would of been fun to play Arena. Now? it kills healers off. All because a few players complained they couldn’t kill anyone so the devs make the game super slow and easy.


Stamina change it was very needed. Light users are faster than Medium or Heavy, and they could permanently dodge, run, dodge, run, dodge, run …

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Why would medium and heavy be the same speed as light? I agree melee uptime was low and needed increased.

But light should be faster. Otherwise that’s like light saying “heavy and medium have more mitigation and that isn’t right”


Lol yeah, what people with less armour are able to get away, what a crazy idea.

Far from convinced how these changes are going to work out, currently play light bow/spear, might end up going med bow/rapier.

I actually agree with the stam changes, using a dodge should always be a decision. Up until now anyone was able to spam dodge almost anytime they wanted to. Now stam management is a thing and actually increases the skill cap. CCs are still very useful to force players to drain stam even if you arn’t able to kill them off it right away, learning how to manipulate the enemy team’s stam in arenas will be important.


100% agree

And med/heavy have way more defense that light. What is you point lol? You would love to m1 click to death this poor light armors with your GA, dont you?


The dodge distance change is a bug

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I’ve already had multiple friends that play healer talk about quiting, some already have just because of how much they’ve changed the core of the game in PTR. It really doesn’t feel the same. Its slowed down, boring, stamina change…dodge distance change…heal cast times…its just not enjoyable to play.

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It’s a lot of change all at once.

It’s tough we were told this was a complete game but really it was obvious now that we have been playing beta. I mean we knew it was bad, but it felt like we were making progress towards something.

Balance changes have been better lately and the flow of combat wasn’t the problem. Dodging in roots. Game optimizations, Melee tracking. Combat Desync. Bow clunkiness, musket being a rock sniper and only glass cannon, SnS leaping strike into dead without being able input commands, blunderbuss 1 shot etc. There are other real problems that we wanted addressed.

The PTR addressss some of them and really is the best combat update we have had,

But the stamina change slows combat down. Add on the cast time for lights embrace. It feels like I have less options with what weapons I pick. My healer won’t be able to keep me up through burst I will need to have a secondary choice that helps. It reduces build diversity and options not increase them.
Rapier is strong again because the cooldowns being twice as long aren’t long enough with combat slowed down.

Will we have to revisit old weapon balance again because of this? Jesus we can’t barely balance new issues that have cropped up. We just spent 3 months with grav well triple hitting! Yet we want to introduce new variables. throws hands up

we still have desync and basic bugs like not being able to respawn in OPR.

I’m really glad the PTR addresses some of these issues, but it’s such a slap in the face with how slow combat is. Obviously they aren’t changing the game based on what the current player base wants.

The next expansion will be the “real” release of the game and it’s obviously and a big cuck you to those of us being tricked into beta testing for the last amount of months.

Thanks for enjoying the game let us just do whatever we want and ignore feedback

There’s a lot of players with similar sentiments. Can there be a dev interview explaining why combat has changed without fixing base issues like desync? Why is something with majority negative feedback being forced on us?

Your player base shouldn’t feel like this. Please avoid this sweeping combat change on ptr AGS

How much quicker would Bb 1 shot and grav well bug been fixed if we weren’t putting resources into a combat change nobody wants? What other things are being developed and taking up time that could be used to improve the current game, instead of some future plan that only the devs know.

Who is working on desync? Is it fixable?

Anyways you get the point. Consider the active player base not some future plan that was decided before the game was released to us in beta state.

This games dilemma:
Issues the player base wants fixed vs devs spending time on future releases and leaving broken stuff in the game.

Please hear my plea @Luxendra

In regards to damage mitigation, light has come out winning with this patch, if you run 200 con in light you’re trolling and now med/heavy users lose alot of armour to the point that they may start running 150 con in some instances.

With the 200 con change light loses very little whereas med/heavy loses alot

Nope. For like this 10% difference is sometimes 3 vs 4 hits and u dead. So its not as unimporatat as u think.

What? I’m saying this change has buffed light users outgoing damage by 10% while effectively not reducing their armour

i think a lot of light armor users like myself actually play it for the dodges and PTR dodges feel like a mistake more than a perk, like you get exhausted so easily for just dodging 2 people going for ya. I mean im a healer and i keep trying to do light armor in PTR because i spent so much time getting my gear that id like to continue using it, but i get so focused and within 2 dodges you have to wait so long for another one and im stuck there trying to walk and divine embrace (because LE is dead) and you get pelted and die. Better hope your secondary weapon or teammates can save you but usually people can attack me through whatever my teammates do :frowning: … idk it will take time but i dont think it will be a good change, not just because im bad at it but its so slow

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If they use this patch to finally gut GA then I’ll be fine with it.

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