It has been 30 days that we are begging you for merge

Refering to this post: EU Servers need merge ASAP!

It has been 30 days that we cant play game at all, its nice to see good updates, new dungeons, new weapon and we REALLY want to try it, but we cant. On these dead servers are not enough people to make decent dungeon group in less then 2-3 hours, OPR doesnt start at all. We dont have any wars, towns downgrading, trading post is not working as its empty etc,…

You wanted to wait for patch and expecting people to come back, well,… Suprise, they didnt. Servers are still dead and boring, time to merge us, please AGS, wake up, you lost many of your layal players already by showing them middle finger with decision to dont merge these server and its enough.

Like for real, what are you waiting for now?

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And 30 more we will wait!

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at this point:
1 they waited until the patch beacuse they were hoping in the return of many players (didnt happen)
2 now they are waiting to see if double XP weekend will attract new players/returning players (we’ll see)
3 in a post a moderator said there is a team monitoring the health of the server (that team cant do anithing until points 1 and 2 are met)(maybe it doesnt even exist)
4 Community manager and mods cant told us information, and when they do only the information they can share, always tied by the devs. (mismanagment of comunications at its finest)

We gonna probably wait until april patch, and as usual IF they are gonna merge, we are gonna know about it just the day before.

Hellheim (EU) 70 Players at Peaktime…

Rocabarra 21 players online


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