It is time to re-work life staff

Rework life staff into a Dps/semi-support weapon,

Use water-themed magic to provide a slow regeneration for team; and earth/plant themed magic to disrupt your opponents.

Lack of instant burst damage, but it could have some decent debuff like bleed poison.

Lower dungeon damage, buff player health by 30%~40% (actually a buff to Potion and food regeneration due to no more healer)

Do not repeat WoW’s arena tragedy… Lost Ark arena model is way better than WoW.

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No thank you. Keep life staff how it is or move it closer to pre 1.1 for pve if possible.


Life staff shouldn’t have any substantial DPS capabilities. That’s what a secondary weapon is for.

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I would like to agree to that as I am a fan of the holy trinity (tank-heal-dps) and cannot really adapt to the everbody-can-do-anything-concept. But as long as there is only one dps weapon that scales with Focus, Life Staff has to have some dps capabilities.

Otherwise you just deny healers any form of progressing in solo content with adequate damage or always force them to use VG, both of which are not viable options to me.

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