It Is Time. What Musical Instruments Do you Wish Were Announced with the PTR Notes?

The world’s smallest violin, to play the world’s saddest song for those that do nothing but whine and moan about the changes. “Oh these changes ruin my BiS gear and builds.”


Could put a piano in an inn, maybe even make it a new town item for the town boards. Players could play the piano and those inside the inn be given a buff. Makes for an interesting opportunity for atmosphere.

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A hurdy gurdy
Cant really think of any other instrument that better suits the aesthetic

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you beat me to it

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A trumpet so I can walk around like this:


Giant Musical Rubber Bands. Each band can attach to two other people. Anyone in the middle can bounce around and the bands will make sounds.

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Yes a fiddle to play while New World BURNS…

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This could be an emote too haha

The Flute, PvE fans love it…

Gimme some bonga drums!

Fiddle would be fitting for the time period. Also a concertina (small accordion) would fit as well. Loving the new musical instrument system and can’t wait for it to come to live. However, I would love more buffs, maybe some PVE buffs to damage or healing or dare I say damage and healing buffs for open world PVP( keep it out of arenas and OPR for balancing reasons.) I’d love a March or Battle Hymn of the Republic type song to go to capture territory to.

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Let’s meet in the middle with a keytar?

I can see Azoth powering such a thing. Duracell Made with the highest quality Suspended Azoth

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I mean, vials of suspended azoth are already like, halfway batteries. Kinda like an azoth powerbank…


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I am starting to get some real Doc vibes

I need an Aternum mad Scientist boss in an expedition

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I would like to see the loop machine so I can fart into my microphone and create a mix.

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I mean, we just laid the foundation of electricity in Aternum with Azoth Power. I dont see why this cant happen.

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Absolutely. An enemy faction bent on harnessing the potential of Azoth-tech? Heck yeah.

Their focus could be on trying to reverse the effects of the Lost or the corruption and could be kinda ‘mad scientist’ to that end. Good idea, good intention, madman execution.

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PvP thoughts flowing through my brain.

Imagine a power plant of azoth being the source of power for a town or settlement and you had to shut the plant down to get into a fort or if you shut the plant down they lose a station in town.

Ideas are brewing.