It is unbearable playing on a full server

So, I transferred to another server, on the first transfer available, it was a server with a low population. Right now the server is completely full. Queue of 400-800, server is not holding it, lots of people being disconnected randomly, main cities are not holding, some people can’t even go near them without either crashing or being disconnected. I got disconnected out of nowhere, not being able to go to war cos of that, I just reconnected and got disconnected 10 minutes later.
You guys should have a cap on how many players could play on which server. Here on the SA servers, I think probably 70% of other players from other server came to Devaloka server, which is now over populated, making it unbearable. Heard of players crashing during the war, which never happened before to us.
We need a fix on that.
SA servers - Devaloka

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I really wish they just used mega server technology like games such as ESO and New World use. Pretty sad my first MMO (Star Wars Galaxies from 2003) had a server cap of 3000 players which is 1000 MORE then a game that released almost 2 decades later…


Bigger server caps – and even low-pop servers – are entirely feasible if they simply remove all player influence over Settlements.
That solves a lot of issues including server population issues.

I wish I have a problems like Yours.
We are playing Saena and since the start amount of people is only dropping.
We can do outpost just few times a day, in specific daylight time, cause after some hour there is no more40 players ready for it.

So to be honest, I wish have problems like yours at this moment. Be happy as long as they are playing there, cause soon You gonna have empty server again and then You gonna start making threads about dead server?


You realize there are player caps on the servers based on avg queue size? Servers are marked as full at some point if the queue persists

Saiu do Arali, foi? kkkkk

the thing is, today…
I got disconnected 4 times, each time to reconnect, took me more than 1 hour each to reconnect.
I`m not asking to have 30 people on the server, I’m asking for a maximum limit since they can’t hold that much people on it.


The cap on New World isn’t about technology, but map size and how the activities are developed.

Imagine the elite camps on Shattered Mountains and Reekwater with a server of 5000 players. Imagine how many gonna be out of wars and invasions.

To increase the cap, they need to make a lot of changes to how the game works in terms of activities, on PvP and PvE.

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For sure AGS has their work cut out for them.

I feel you. I am on a server that was populated enough to be fun, but we recently had so many companies join and now we have to wait in 30 min+ queues. This is ridiculous. This may be an ignorant question but why would they allow enough people to join a server to even get it to that point? Shouldn’t there be a cap? I don’t mind waiting for a few minutes to play on a server that isn’t dead but come on…

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Their team isn’t big, I’m pretty sure. The team working on this game is way smaller than many people here believe.

Wish I had your problem. Trolled for a group for over an hour on my server. Towns are deserted, no groups to be found, Invasions with 15 players. Keep complaining. :unamused:

get disconnected 4 times in one day, 1-2 hours waiting to get connected again, disconnect in 15 minutes… I’m not saying I want an empty server, I’m asking them to fix over populated servers…

yeah yeah, cry more. I’ll take that over logging in just to stand around for 2 hours.

what??? my concern is not with you? if you don’t want to add something constructive here, why are you even bothering typing here ? jeez, no concept of what a forum is

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