It takes 2-3 people to break a server's resource model

If literally 2-3 people harvest a resource intensively the resource model fails, now consider that a server can have 2500 people. OMG.

You have at present turned what should be a stress-free game loop into a chore, for casual players a real issue.

Whether it was because there were alternative plans to generate income from the excessive quantity requirements of resource to craft combined with scarcity or just a complete lack of understanding of how tings play out in an MMO, I don’t know but sooner or later…

ignoring the issue will just come back and bite you in the ***

This is not a moan, just a state of fact.

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There is a lof of issues with servers that have one thing in common: population

If there is to much ppl we have issues with resource. But if there is not enough ppl on server, there are other issues like town getting downgraded couse no ppl to defend them and so on.

I would lead that team it would press hard to make global variable that would affect world. Based if population is low, medium or high:

  • resourse nodes should spawn slower or faster
  • invasions should destroy 1 building only or 5+ if population of server is big
  • open world events and bosses - also scale with currrent server population

And so on.

Other MMOs are evidence that you don’t need such and agressive scarcity of resources to keep a healthy economy.
They share nodes in a way that when you gather a node, it doesn’t take it away for everyone, but only for you until it respawns for you again (just like when you open a chest and it goes on cooldown for 1h for example)
I would love to go for a run of gathering and find all nodes are up. Crafting would be so much healthier and funny
Time reward is the key


But this is not other mmo. And reworking and rebalancing whole economy to make nodes exists only for given player would require lot of work. Wont happen. you have to fix what you have with less effort.

You can design game any way you want as long as its not live on production. Moment you already invsted resources you are limited on how much more you can invest more to change elements that are already there. Even amazon have finite amount of resouces to work on thier producs.

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Bruh, economy is so fucked the way it is designed today that they should still revamp it even if nodes stay the same

It does not matter. If i told you i would tak 1 year of all developers work to redesign nodes. So no bugifxes, no content patches for next 12 months, would you take it?

You are taking a guess there, and so will I. For sure it wouldn’t take them so long because the system is already in the game with the way chest works for you and other people.
I bet it’s only less than 5 lines of code

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That my friend is rubbish. They can do some very simple things to fix this. Here are a couple off the top of my head.

  1. Decontest resources. longer respawn.

Resources are no longer contested, have a longer respawn this allows people to go out and gather resources when they want to. This is a very nice option for casual players. non casuals may not see this one as a nice solution. (GW2 is like this for standard resources)

  1. Discriminate Resource Respawn’s

When a node is harvested, another will respawn in the immediate area, however You the harvester cannot harvest this new spawn for the standard timer, you see it as a “growing” iron deposit etc. This will ensure a steady supply of resource, without enabling happy campers (remember the old SM/ORI days ugg).

Just 2 off the top of my head.

They need to sort something out as it really deters people with real life commitments from playing any length of time.

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  • bots

some ignorant will tell you to go to other place to farm mats…and guess waht…bots already there.

place tht clean from bots so far are SM and Brimstone (as far as i know)

Longer respawn on hi pop servers? Why you want more resouces prices go higher? Items to cheap for you? Increase cost of resouces = increase cost of items.

Again. Wont work. I go with my friend and we can easy farm tons of resouces. If you register last 2 player that pick up, then we go as 3 and so on. Exploitable by 10yo child.

You are not getting the point dude. A decontested node that you gather and goes in a longer cooldown FOR YOU.
Anybody else can come behind you and gather that same node right after

So you would have track each node for each player. You think this is easy change they can make no problem? Dunno how many different nodes are there ingame but if you multiply this by lets say there is 5k active players on best server, you get pretty interesting number imho.

Yea it is dooable. But simpler solution would be take equasion you already have in game for respawn time and add 1 more variable that will make spawn tims loner or shorter depending on amount of players in given time on server. Simple, cheap to do and would work.

Yes, that’s how chests work… I’m neutral to the idea, but the concept already exists, so you can drop the outrage.

And how many chests you ahve in game? 100? 200? 300?
You know how many nodes there are? Go count every tree, rock and other crap. I would assume millions. And with each next expansion you add tons more…

You’re just attempting to make arguments to keep the status quo because it benefits you I suspect and I understand that. I have plenty of time on my hands I can wait for things too respawn, However, I can see that this system doesn’t work well for the majority of players who dont.

You are assuming that you can just continuously harvest resource infinitum because there are three off you. Yes, if three people pool their resources and give it to one person (just like now), that person gets more resource but that only benefits HIM/HER, and only once per spawn. Just the same as overly wealthy companies hovering up resources on TP.

There is no ideal solution that is completely fair no matter what, but wanting to keep a broken system, easily exploitable with people with copious amounts of free time is not HEALTHY for the game.

Dude i dont like that system to. And i dont benefit from pvp off dudes running on recouse farm that in need to get. Kinda opposite.

But im a software engineer with 15years of experience. So im telling you why some things can happen and some can not. We all are limited by time and money and human resources. Amazon to.

In dreas sure, you can do whaterver you want. In real world you are limited. And you chose solutions that are acceptable and cheapest to implement. What yo uwant is probably a better solution but cost is not acceptable to any IT manager and it does create some feature issues with amount of data you add do the sytem.

While what i suggest is to just add 1 more variable to what already exists. See the difference? One can be done by 1 developer in a few days. Other will require whole team to work on for months and after that another few weeks/months for bug fixes.

And just like that I can tell that you don’t know what you’re talking about. There are 4813 various types of chests. To compare, there are 2336 nodes for harvesting (hemp, silk, wire), 5080 for mining (various ores, saltpeter, sandstone, lodestone, sulfur and oil) and 843 logging (wyrdwood and ironwood).

Put more simply: You’re wrong.

It should be 1 server/region & that server split in channels/dimensions/shards/mini servers of maxim 1k players. Problem solved. Change the mini server whenever want like in LA for example & gather the needed resources without any issues.

I bet you’re not a developer.

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Game does not track all chests. Just elite chests and few more in brimstone stands. And nodes you metions are not all nodes. Why you are missing all trees in game? But agree that trees are not issue, so if you are right that there is like 10k nodes worth of tracking then we can assume we have that if there is 10k player records per server its just 100kk combinations (nodes x players), 100kk is big number but not to big, should be dooable to track this for any mid lvl developer.