It takes too long to upgrade town crafting stations

By the time they are upgraded to a new tier I will be 10 levels above that tier. QOL is really really bad in this game. So many restrictions and time sinks that are completely unnecessary.

You telling me there isn’t one single settlement on your entire map that has the crafting station you need?

What server are you on? Norumbega has most cities tier 3+ on most stations already, And certain cities have tier 5 on select stations.

I have been waiting on the forge in my main city to go from T2 to T3 for 3 days.

…And the other settlements?

See which company is running the town and message them about it. They may not have that as a priority.

Also check other settlements! Im sure you can find a smeltery t3+ in other zones. Just lug around your mats when you find the one!

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