It took a while, but the botters are finally spamming global

Welcome to our future. Not that it’s surprising, bots have been running around constantly mining and harvesting all over. they just now have enough to sell gold.

And best part is my server is locked… but at least the bot accounts made it in. Great.


Mute, report, block

Write specifically they are gold selling in report.

It’s on us to give them das boot.


I wish they’d fucking sue this website, but they’re probably Russian or Chinese. These bots are spamming the p2pah garbage all over every MMO. Bless Unleashed has these bots constantly spamming and changing names. These people ruin everything.


If you have global enabled, you’re doing it wrong. Global chat is a “trap” for entities like the spammers. And other undesireables. Turn it off.

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They were actually there day one on many servers. Impressive really.
I haven’t seen any since. I imagine they get reported very fast.

i don’t normally look at global, it was like 4am. But that doesn’t solve anything anyways. Honestly, the chat spam is the smallest part of the issue. Consider how many bots are out in each server.

1k LOL that’s like stupid easy to make once you get out of your teens. I guess assuming you have a decent server economy.

Anyone want to be a warrior, find the site the bots are advertising, and DDoS it? :grin:

I mean 'No…never do that. It’s totes illegal. Don’t rip their botty little gold-selling shite-site off the face of the internet. :roll_eyes:

Thanks for this report, we are definitely aware of this issue and working to remove these account.
Appreciate your patience.
Please do report these account if you see them.


Not a bad thing for Amazon since you have to buy the game XD

It is most certainly not the player’s responsibility to police this issue. People can mute, and should report, but the core of this issue needs to be addressed at the development level. We all know from experience this cannot be stamped out 100%, but it isn’t at all difficult to have a measure to detect a player sending a message to global every few seconds with keywords like “gold” in it.

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Another one.

It’s most definitely the players responsibility through the reporting feature. That’s exactly what was stated. That’s exactly how you get something done about it. Beyond that it would be Amazon.

Can’t believe I needed to clarify this lol

I saw them at launch in my server and was like, “wtf we already have third-party coin markets spamming in here at launch day??”


Time to add a regex based filtering system, both server controller and client controlled.

A few games have introduced the client controlled filtering but theirs tend to be rather simple and low quality. In most of these they allow you to auto-hide all messages with specific phrasing like in this case you would put “P2PAH” as that is very very unlikely to be used in any normal speech it would rarely cause false positives

However a few games have allowed for custom regex filtering, though none of them have come up with a decent UI to add these and make regex accessible to regular people, you tend to have to edit a text/ini file hidden away for these games.

If Amazon could produce either a nice UI to allow people to create regex filters without the need to understand regex users could pretty quickly block these spam messages.

The other option is to allow advanced users to submit regex filters to Amazon of which Amazon can then quickly check the submission and pass/deny it based on whether or not it’s likely to cause false positives. This option could be added to the Report User button.

That way Amazon can get some assistance from those of us who know how to create some safe regex and hide the spam sooner than later.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Recipe for disaster. If a game relies on players to sort out bots it’s a clear indication that the devs are ok with having them around and that they’ll never do anything about it, just like in WoW.

Naw that’s not what I said. Lol I give up.

It won’t really work. I am fairly certain that I can come up with a way to create a recognizable “buy gold from us” message that wouldn’t be picked up by any regex you make. :slight_smile:

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