Item boxes needed

Hey NW Dev team,

Just wondering would it be possible to add item boxes/crates where we can manually store items in it and name it, example “luck set” or Ancient ward set, etc…it’ll just save players so much time clicking to equip each piece of gear rather than having a equip all button from that specific box/crate. Looking forward to your reply.


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Thanks for the suggestion, Jztyle.

While loadouts have been previously suggested, are you suggesting physical boxes (in your house, or elsewhere in the in-game world)? Or do you prefer a box that would be in your inventory/UI to be opened up when needed?

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Thanks for your prompt reply, I think something that sit’s in your inventory like a box that can be crafted from a crafting station. that allows players to add items in to it and be able to name it like “harvester set” or “luck set” etc…just a thought for better organising of the inventory and QOL.


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Even extra storage boxes at your houses would be nice to store sets. There are so many different job sets that are required with job specific food. Sorting these things with current storage system is a pain.

+1 any inventory/storage management upgrade would be more than welcome QoL improvement.

I know right, I spent half of time just sorting things out in my inventory or storage. Please add this feature for better quality of life.

Check out how Lost Ark did it. You just click a tab at the top of your inventory and you see all that gear that is assigned there. I know it would be nice to have one per group but I’m not greedy. I’d like to have a PVE/PVP/Gathering and maybe Fishing…

Right now I have to carry 2 sets of armour based on the Mutations of the week. Fishing set, and at least 1 gathering set and a PVP set… And some of them all look the same.

@TooLateToTalk Agreed, my inventory is so full that I have a quarter of space left just to farm some hides and my inventory is full again.

I am not the OP, but I sure have an idea…

Tabs in the Inventory Window. That we can name. And we should be able to drag items from our Bag into those tabs.

Of course, should a gear switch update rolls out, I would love to see any idea related to this box idea be part of it.

By this I mean:

So lets say you have 5 luck sets, 2 pvp sets, and 8 crafting sets. You have a tab for each (and can scroll left right to get to each, or even better, a pull down menu to choose). The gear switch will know where your gear sets are, and grab them from those tabs. When gear is switched, the set will go back onto the tab the set came from originally.

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