Item Clain not Working

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You can change skins by going into inventory, clicking on the item you want to change, left click on the item, and look at the drop down menu, click on Change skin, any item you CAN change will have options for you to choose from. You wont see the items in your inventory, but be listed in the Change skin menu. Hope this helps…Cheers Happy Thanksgiving

No kidding! I have been playing this from Beta, who knew! Just kidding…I know where to look, THEY ARE NOT THERE!!!

Did you try clicking “Item Claim” in the store? Does anything show there?

Sorry man, hope you get it straightened out

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Item claim shows these two:

(Can’t click claim)


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Hello, bspeer555

Thank you for reporting this issue, I have forwarded this to team for further investigation, please hang tight.

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So will this ever be resolved?

Just checking, when you click one of them and hit claim, does any error pop up? Are you at the unique item limit? Do you have space in your inventory?

Hey Jake, when I hit claim nothing happens, no error, nothing. “Unique item limit” ??? Plenty of inventory space.

So, I guess this will NEVER be resolved. I cannot possibly be the only one this has happened to. This just may rank as one of the worst bug resolutions teams in the history of MMOs!