Item deflation and gold scarcity

Hello, I read online about item deflation and how gold is more valuable than items themselves. Because of this, players have started bartering for items, like 20 iron for 10 fish or whatever. This personally doesn’t affect me because I don’t own a house or grind out my skills as fast as possible. I just play the game and pick up stuff as I go and for the most part, that’s enough for everything I’m doing.

However, for those this thing does affect here’s an idea. I think it would be cool if Amazon encouraged this type of thing by introducing a bartering mechanic into the auction house itself. Basically, I could list an item for a “buy it now” price, but there is also a “make an offer” button available to the potential buyer. He deposits his offer into the auction house and waits for a response.

I understand this could have issues with people being afk with their wares but in the end I think this would help and be cool as well.

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