Item mechanic exploit

If there is a way to privately speak with an admin or moderator instead of posting to a global bug forum, that would be better for the state of the game. There is a bug that breaks item mechanics with the systems currently in the game. If I elaborate here; it could lead to other players abusing to achieve items they shouldn’t have.


Smart man.


Also, I think there’s a way to report something like this within the game client itself but you have to be logged out to do it. I believe it’s the far left button at the top right of your main menu.

NVM I tested it and its seems to be a primarily a visual bug that is reads incorrect stats.

Not 100% sure ill investigate a little further…

There is an item bug that is known though. Like you said, not gonna mention it here but it involves the AH but, not really kind of

yea its not related to that.

After testing it seems to be a visual bug that messes with item stats.

That seems really weird, so basically it’s showing the incorrect stats? Can you reproduce it?

Yes I could reproduce it and my company mates that tried also were able to do it.

Equipping yield gear over and over?

probably relatd to the visual bug of the 1k+ gs crafts

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