Item Names - Unoriginal/Offensive

Why is it that 80-90 percent of the gear in this game is labeled either desecrated, defiled, forsaken or profane? Are those the only 4 words available to us?

I love how in a game where weapons, wars, market, economy, and dupe are all currently broken. We can remember to focus on the important things like their lack of creative naming. It was this naming issue that ruined the game for everyone. Nothing else.



Lmao. This is such an important topic… Maybe you should stop killing undead npcs in their ruins, sacred grounds, graveyards and expecting to get something that was not forsaken, profane, defiled, desecrated, stolen…


Gotta give the OP some credit for complaining about something new.

We should see more “corrupt” NPCs drop Law-Abiding Swords of Honesty.

You chose a theme to use on generic naming gear.

well… considering the vast amount of the setting is about Corruption… and it tends to be undead, or corrupted beings dropping these items, or found in chests in lands/areas corrupted by said beings…

might be they are named that way for immersive reasons.


It’s really not truly immersive if the mobs dropping profane armor aren’t cussing you out.

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I suggest a new legendary: “Duped Hatched of Ban-Immunity”

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