Item Upgrade to Legendary adds aditional points

The award of best QA team in the world goes tooooooooo … :drum: :drum::drum::drum: “Amazon Games”

How to kill a game, speed run


They already killed the game. Game over was on the screen a month ago. Must be still perfecting their tactics for the next title coming after new world and lost ark. They really need to be great to beat this run!

I know this is a joke, but you better watch out! They might do it!

Webby Award’s Best User Experience

This is a cheat, big one. Did we have to post it public for everyone to see? Should be “fun” wars coming up in new few days or however long it takes to patch.

If this and triple proccing grav wells cannot be hotfixed today please disable wars. No one wants to fight when people have 8000 con and 2000 strength.

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You guys need to disable wars until this is fix, this is a major bug!!

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I posted this item buff bug 2 days ago, but devs ignored it :joy: It turned out to be a serious problem :grimacing:

Exactly this. The speed of curbing positive bugs is ridiculous. We can’t have nice things. Disastrous bugs like the new 3 are “being investigated”.

This actually needs to be hotfixed, even worse than release vg killing food buffs.

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We’re aware and this is a top priority for us.


We need a response to this asap. This is absolutely gamebreaking as you can get yourself maxed out in every attribute. This has to be hotfixed and wars have to be disabled until it is.


If it’s a top priority, why haven’t wars been disabled already?


Disable wars or shut the servers down. If a territory flips because of that it’s just unfair.


There are so many game breaking bugs at the moment, you need to disable wars, this is unacceptable.

  • Shield perks applying to the 2nd weapon (like GA) equipped.
  • Shield able to being EXPLOITED to gain the resistances/defense stats.
  • The above mentioned attribute EXPLOIT to gain like 200+ free attributes for wars (that is INSANE???) by upgrading and swapping items.
  • Gravity Well hits like 3 times when exploding, probably also a bug?
  • Firestaff ABILITIES are getting their damage reduced by elemental aversion perk, which should only reduce damage of RANGED ATTACKS.
  • Firestaff’s Pillar of Fire ability getting the ground targeting blocked and move away from targets using Maelstrom since day 1. Not fixed yet.
  • The reticle of BOW, MUSKET and BLUNDERBUSS is still misaligned since day 1 aswell.
  • Blunderbuss is currently bugged regarding crits aswell.
  • visual glitches with grass and terrain disappearing / not properly loading.

Please disable wars until you get this stuff fixed, it’s honestly and sadly atrocious if you dont.

EDIT: Your playerbase isnt big at all, do what you can to preserve it and it may grow again in the near future. If you dont act on this now, you will most likely lose your remaining few players.

They won’t do that. But Damned if you are able to craft BoP armor at 600 GS. They’ll disable it immediately.

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That’s great to… uhm, read. Yet being “top priority” is not telling us how long it will take to fix it. Untill then people on servers are going to abuse it on every single gamemode including, pretty important for guild, wars. If you do not want to turn them off, then at least make a hotfix to disable reciving bonus points from equipment.

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We already had wars while this bug was active. But again, dare it be a BoP item you can craft to 600 GS with only 1 tier V mat, and the rest regular, no trophies needed, it will be disabled immediately. I’m not happy with what’s going on right now. The Blunderbuss patch that was released was a great step in the right direction, and I honestly thought AGS was getting better. But after this bug fix patch and introduction of targeted group member healing with hot keys patch, it’s 5 steps back. I wonder if the resilient bug is re-introduced as well.

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The cope is insane. Leingod and chumby along with shrinking fort exploit carried you last patch, now you don’t have shrinking fort and we have the same amount of skitzos (shield/Spartans) players as you you can’t handle the loss of EF and WW. After you won a week or two back you guys spam toxic shit in global non stop, when we win we throw gg’s in global. I went into EF war last night with my normal mindset and set up, without any knowledge of triple grav procs THAT ALL OF YOUR MELEE ARE USING TOO…………. You have shields too……… this is just sad, grow up and take a loss. No one can be a winner forever, gotta learn to take a loss with some respect.

Bow rework supposedly also a top priority for AGS, :partying_face:

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