Item Upgrade to Legendary adds aditional points

EPH so tough now lol

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It was in the wrong section :frowning:

dude the top priority is TO DISABLE WARS NOW unless you want to lose more playerbase

They aren’t fixing it because they’re using it. :rofl:

My entire server went from nearly all purple to all yellow
Impossible to defend anything against cheaters



Why would they disable wars? Many companies used hatchet and other glitches to capture territories and there was nothing done about it. Idk why this should be any different.

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Fix incoming!


As gamebreaking as this bug is. I really think Grav well proccing 3x times and Shield perks applying to secondary weapon is worthy of a hot fix aswell.

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Oh yeah?

Well great for that… What about gravity well and shield?

too little too late…once again lol

It is possible for people who were testing this to recive umbra shards back?

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