Item Voidbent boot disappeared in the inventory

Good morning Madam, Mr

I wanted to do a trade the item Voidbent boot in Everfall with the player named Dagnir on 17-11-2021 in the afternoon on the Bakhu server and it created a bug. So he kept the Voidbent boot in his inventory. After a Outpost Rush with him, I wanted to try a trade with Dagnir again but he noticed that the Voidbent Boot item has disappeared from his inventory and he is nowhere in his bank.

Would you like to help us retrieve the Voidbent Boot please.

  • Character Name: Tyrxen
  • Character with whom I made the trade: Dagnir
  • Issue that occurred: Item Voidbent boot disappeared in the inventory of the character Dagnir
  • Time and Date: around 18H00 (hour europe), 17-11-2021
  • World/Server: Bakhu
  • Location where issue occurred: Everfall
  • Faction: Syndicate
  • Guilde: ExilĂ©

Thank you very much and have a good day

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and no one even tried to answer this…

same for me

happens today after updating the game

I just logged into the game, and there are no boots…

A friend and I had the same bug, our boots disappeared, I found myself barefoot in in the middle of a fight.

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