Items and gold that were transferred from the original Duplication Abusers were not removed

What will happen to all of the gold and items that were transferred from the original (now permanently banned) duplicators.

I know for a fact that many people who received second hand items leading into the tens of millions worth of gold (years of time gated items) are still being held on alt accounts. Things that were given out from those original duplicators to random passerby’s through trade or auction house have also not been removed.

Will these items be removed? We are talking about YEARS (per account) of time gated material that are in circulation still.

What is the economy team doing to work on saving the economy?

If i personally know stashes on alt accounts upwards into the tens of millions, I can’t imagine what other people had exploited and are holding.

My hope is lost for this game if there is no more value to progression due to the economy being shattered.

All I ask, is at the very least, the Amazon Team does a secondary item removal from the items from those Alt accounts. Tens of Millions worth of items… How can you let this slide?

Banning the Original Duplicators is NOT enough. I am begging you to at least ATTEMPT at saving the server economy.


How about you post proof that they have these items so that devs can ban those accounts.

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It is hard to prove anything as a player but it is weird to see companies with all players in full voidbent armor in wars that barely had any of that a week ago.
How can you prove that as a player ? It is on the devs to figure that out and remove all duped stuff and progress/items that are linked to that exploit.

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Have you reported them all?

I mean, you said…

Why are the devs even bothering to give out a Luck bonus now when everyone already has end-game best in slot? When there’s gold and inventory out there to buy it right away?
Every single action they take before rigorous steps to ban cheaters and exploiters is ridiculous and worthless.

And they don’t even talk about this. @Zin_Ramu, look at the big picture and sort out your priorities.

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I think different dev teams are working on different issues. I doubt the dev that posted that PvP update has anything to do with the gold/economy exploiting stuff… but what do i know …

All this duped stuff is gone through many hands, alot of coins and materials are in hands of innocent people via trading and I don’t think that they will remove it. Especially on resources that were used for crafting…should they remove armor pieces and weapons?

That’s why some players expected rollback and others expected that if you don’t use this situation for your own, you would be stupid. So they bought stuff and got their BiS Gear because the chances are pretty good that this stuff will stay.

Sure AGS could remove any single item but let’s be honest…is there any manpower for those things? I guess not.

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they will ban the alt accounts with duped merchandise eventually, thereby destroying them forever.

such a thing can be automated actually

My problem is.

I’m not even speaking of the heavily laundered items.

I’m talking about Gold Duper, gave 100,000 Asmodeum bars, 100,000 Void ore, and 500,000 gold to a player through trade. And those items have not been removed. Gold Duper was banned. All items are still kept on those player(s) that received the items.

Now imagine that 10x. And that’s just the exploiters that I KNOW and have reported. Let alone what else is out there.

Any smaller exchanges can be overlooked.

But it’s like the Amazon team has done nothing currently.

Eveything will be removed. Servers wipe will happen before next maintenance

You are riddiculous if you think they will leave someone with 100,000 asmodeum bars be xD
And if you are so knowledgable then write them a ticket with the player name, doesn’t hurt

It’s already ticketed and yes, they do have those bars on them right now unbanned.

So its much easier to identify the people who did the duping, and get them gone…

They will need to go through logs to find everyone they traded with… and that’s a lot of time consuming work…

just report the people you know about and give them some time

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I can only hope


You had me at “economy team”.

Good one.

All accounts need to be scanned and large quantities removed. Those with these excessive amounts just need to be banned as active participants in the criminality.

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