Items Currently Impossible to Obtain

The recent Gearscore update system has been great so far, sadly it only works for 590+ gs or higher. While on practice there are several “Legendary Items” with low gearscore that made one of their perk locked. For example quest rewards and more painfully legendary item that is predefined as 500-600 GS but capped on 555gs as it comes from lvl 60 only.
As an example this item,
The carapace of corrupted rage is supposedly able to drop as 600 GS item

, but sadly because the monster level and area level are too low, the GS of that armor piece only capped at 555 ( or at least that’s the highest I’ve gotten). There are many more of this example such as drops from Mangled Heights, Baines, etc, even quest rewards such as :
Supposedly it has another perk like this :

But it’s locked behind the system that only allows the last perk to work only 600 GS items.

My suggestion to fix this problem is to make “upgrade gear score” feature to work not only on 590+ gs items, but starting from 500 gs items, as their base gear score is 500-600. This way all quest rewards with locked perks and all legendary items from level 60 (or lower) area and monster will be able to unlock their respective last perks.
There is another solution for this like making the gs cap of drop items based on our expertise only, instead expertise and monster level. But sadly this doesn’t help quest rewards. So I highly recommend the first suggestion. This will definitely increase the gameplay quality on “non-elite” zones and make it more rewarding to do world exploration in Aeternum.

best regards from utopia~

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Another player found that the highest they got was 572, they also stated that 590+ only drops from level 64 monsters.

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