Items that need to be addressed in the next big patch

These are all items that direly need to be addressed in the next patch:

  1. Quest Sharing needs implemented immediately, this is a solo game so far. Nothing like having 7 friends logged in and none of them wanting to group because its more efficient solo.
  2. A system to remove these gold farmers from spam and in-game that actually works.
  3. A tweak to fishing to prevent them from making macros so easily. Introduce a random letter you gotta hit on your keyboard… something…
  4. Remove the possibility for enemy factions to join one anothers wars or invasions. That is 100% a conflict of interest, with or without the ability to remove them.
  5. Town boards have become the # 1 way to level any character fast. With gold, you need not even leave the towns of your choice. Address that as you will.
  6. Many abilities are not functioning as they should, i.e. Fireball goes through mobs on direct hits and causes no damage, same with Burn Out. There are many more which are game-breaking and reported daily.
  7. PvP balance needs addressing, there is reasons people are all full-heal or great axe / hatchet. Of course there are folks not buying into that and going for more challenging play, but its a bit out of hand how lacking other lines are. Of course people are going to opt for CC / run speed or the ability to heal to max HP in seconds when there aren’t other options on the table.
  8. Instant heal potions when PvP flagged need more realistic cool-downs. Running away and heal potting repeatedly is a crutch even the best players rely upon, and going from 30% because you messed up your fight to 80% is silly with the ability to do it again in only a measly 30 seconds.
  9. Storage could use a slight buff considering how much stuff this game gives you. By 25, your storage is likely full. At 52, six towns full to the brim. Yikes.
  10. Corruptions are just being mass farmed by 20 + players running in circles. There is not much point to it? Not sure if this was intended, not sure how it adds to the game really. Where does it end?
  11. Swimming is a thing, people don’t sink and walk on the bottom of the ground in water, and people holding their breath for 20 seconds even in real life is bare minimum.
  12. Weapon swapping needs to be more fluid. Its super wonky, and there is a delay bug when using the button to insta swap versus pressing f1 or f2.
  13. Housing tax needs to be bi-weekly or monthly, its too high for such minimal benefit at lower levels.
  14. Trading posts need to allow 100 items PER settlement. If you are going to separate the market system with separate storage, I should be able to set up wares at each of them otherwise it makes no sense.
  15. Fall damage is silly. I am a super human with magic, but I can hold my breath for 20 seconds. However, I can jump off a 300 foot cliff and take 20% damage?
  16. Camp fires with 500 range feel almost useless, as you run out of that little of range super often and never end up respawning there. With the changes to PvP quests, I am sure it could be increased slightly.
  17. Group bonuses for PvE need to be a thing, the only way to level in this game efficiently is town boards or questing. You really do get tired of it… what is wrong with exploring and gaining xp? Don’t tell me its efficient, its a waste of time unfortunately.
  18. I’m 100+ all crafts but feel like I can’t make much profitable. Lack of recipes, maybe? This could be debated but most gear that drops is better than what I can make even at comparable levels.
  19. We need more variability in creatures. There are too many damn wolves, cats, bunnys and turkeys, and sheep/ram. Where are the other types of creatures?
  20. Faction PvP quests are extremely dull, and they are all essentially the same thing. No offense to who created them, but you can do better. Be imaginative… PM me, I have many suggestions.

What is better money long term, something done right that keeps players coming back, or something done okay enough to sell, and then drop? Food for thought.

Some weapons also need a bit of a fix as well bows are kinda overpowered same as hatched and battle axe is their anyway they can be more skill base instead of shoot and take half of somebody’s health

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