It's already being said, But I'm gonna say it again.. DISABLE FAMILY SHARE

Cheaters that are getting banned are reporting on reddit that they are immediately able to play the game after being banned by simply using family share.

I know there are posts about this already but I wanted to add my 2cents along with a comment from one of the cheaters that was banned…

And let me finish by saying THANK YOU for at least showing that you are working to do something…



I’ll repeat.

This isn’t as urgent as other things, because AGS can easily link the accounts together to the same steam ID, which means they can poof them all if there is matching bans once they fix it. So if people are playing on new accounts, they are in over their heads if they think it will stay unbanned.

Thanks for that , I just couldn’t go to bed without sharing my 2cents

Been asking @Luxendra to comment on it all day. If ya swinging the ban hammer atleast don’t have a escape tunnel.

Fair enough.

I dont get it.
What has family share to do with it?
He might just buy a new game. Family share you still have to have a valid copy and someone stupid enough to share it to you.
If you get banned there. both of you shouldnt be able to play anymore!

Doesn’t EAC issue a game ban on the steam account? If not, it should.

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It is in the works it looks like

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Yes please. To be a properly competitive PvP game they need to remove any exploits and punish those who go looking for them.

For most games: EAC detections do. Not when authored. I think it’s possible, but that game ban text doesn’t actually do anything, it’s just the company saying this person was banned. It’s still up to the game to handle the ban itself. (Ex, steam doesn’t stop you from launching the game if you’re game banned).

That publisher ban comes from the author of the game, and I’m not too sure how it works with steamworks, but I’m sure there is some type of integration needed.

absolutely hillarious

It’s really annoying watching all these people on reddit bragging that only their alt account got banned and that their main account is intact with all the illegitimate items still on their main accounts…

Hopefully they get taken care of also…


This needs more attention. Anything that gets fixed with dupes won’t matter with these scum running new character quests every 10 mins. Disable family share, ban main accounts.

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The entire family should be banned, not just the one share.



Bump agreed



It’s SUPER easy to follow the trail of items. Sending it to other players/accounts doesn’t hide anything lol…they have already sealed their fate. 100% they will have to purchase a brand new copy of the game and start over to continue playing.

they dont need to “Buy another copy”

they can create infinite accounts for free via family share.