Its amazing how this hack bug, visual shows up, and UI starts to go screw

all day long opr been running smooth, till aim bots show up , start getting the impossible shots off thru walls and columns and mountains, than this visual bug , quote un quote shows up .

How bout equating aim bot, hacks to screwing up the UI with the use of hack cheat programs for once, and stop calling this a visual bug, and calling it what it is, a hack program running in the back ground causing visual bugs that DEVS are unable to figure out. this is what i mean by UI bug, when the score and the game crashes. AND THIS KIND OF UI MESS UP, WITH ALL THE HACKS IN THE GAME, YOU WOULD FIGURE WITH ALL THE VISUAL BUGS, THIS WOULD BE FIXED.

The lodging axe issue is a known issue where we accidentally have it tagged to Gravity Well. We’re working on a fix and are aware of the other UI issues.

Locking this thread as the third you’ve created on this issue in the last 24 hours.