It's bad for NW: Forced PvP

Its not true anymore, new world has been around 130k ish, but more to the point it has the ability to grow beyond that. Albion does not.

We need AGS to succeed heavily in this game so they can make us many more games. They have excellent interaction with the players which demonstrates that they care what we want. Thats a good thing for us to look forward in the future.

As players (and devs) we need to help ags make a new industry trending game so they can power through to the future and provide us with that awesome interaction and gameplay we know they are capable of doing. They just need time to learn how to do it and careful feedback to help them make the content the best it can be, for everyone.

Albion has far more potential growth than New World. Its free to start and available on phones. They are also releasing some massive content to improve solo experience this month. Your arguments seem inaccurate.

I think the game is beautiful and amazing personally (as a player) but there is no way in the blue moon that games population will move anywhere with the p2w and pvp eccentric play. Sorrt, but i won’t bite on that being a valid argument.

we (all and) both know that simply is not true. Albion, like every other mmo for the last 20 years has hardstuck itself. We don’t need that for new world.

If our intent is truely to make good pvp zone for new world we should band together and really talk about it. I Strongly support and suggest a world-sandvox system

What i am thinking

  • Create lots of zones, and dont waste time putting resources in them. Its not needed right now. we can get by without it.
  • Apply a “city plot” and make each building able to be built with resources (wood, stone etc) and upgraded just like it is in OPR.
  • Make those zones have war conquest and apply that conquest system (ie wars ) to allow the gov company the ability to build it up.
  • Invading players can declare war without “pushing” (that system is trash) they simply need to “declare war”, pay the fee and then after 24 hours can attack and destroy the city (And all in it)

We should leave it to players to police their zones, just as they do in eve. Later in another patch we should look into the concept of finding a way to make pvers important to the pvpers. That balance existed in eve before the advent of passive income (moon mining) which gave a very respected interaction between pvers (who supported pvpers economically) with pvers.

I’d be willing to dive into and talk about the concept of a harvesting system that is not for individual players to sell on the market, but that those resources are turned into the city somehow and the player gets some sort of payout at the end of the week. These resources should not be for selling on TP and should be BOP in nature until sold to the companies city.

In this way they harvest things like they like to do, but those resoruces are not botted or anything like that they just help the city in someway (like building)

Yeah that is a lot of the forum trolls.

Unlikeable weirdos who cant play the game because nobody will play it with them.

So what do they do? Come to the forums and play the victim/lie/bait.

If Nourri isnt a game dev and he spam reports me for pointing that out, which one of us gets banned?

The guy who probably is lying or the guy who says hes probably lying?

Sad that he can basically depend on awful forum management and CMs that let bots do their job for ME to be banned for questioning him.

P.S. why is this thread still open? Oh right - because the CMs have decided that bad at the game = victim and deserving of a safe space the vent.

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Exactly this.

Open one or two PvP only servers, watch them fill up for the first couple weeks, then watch them empty out and become literal ghost towns.

Then point to them every time someone asks about pvp servers in the future.

Why is this unproductive and divisive thread still open?